Year 5 WCCS

Week 8 - Assembly Item


To all soldiers round the world,

To all those who fought for us,

To all those who lied to fight,

To all those who saved a life,

Lest we forget, the young…. Lest we forget, the old,

Lest we forget the countries united… On Anzac Day

April 25 you landed,

1915 at ANZAC Cove, we’ll remember you

Biscuits sent from wives afar,

Sweet recipes to last the journey,

Lest we forget, the fathers, Lest we forget, the mothers,

Lest we forget, brothers, sisters whose lives forever changed,

on Anzac Day

Gallipoli for 8 months,

Thousands lost their lives,

And Dawn breaks, battle begins,

Retire Last Post calls,

Lest we forget, Australians

Lest we forget, New Zealanders

Lest we forget, the souls from both sides, who never ever ever came home,

Poppies and Rosemary,

Footprints on battlefields,

With pen and paper you wrote home,

Your stories to us untold,

Lest we forget, the letters

Lest we forget, the stories

Lest we forget, the poems of friendship, on love and war and loss,

Lest we forget x4

Week 7 - Survey

Sometimes Mr Burns, Mr Forrester and Mrs Francis make videos for you to learn from! :)

his is a survey to find out what you think about this - and how helps your learning (or not)!

Please click on this link:

Week 6 - Bush Dance Spectacular

Please check out the following video for some of Year 5's smooth dance moves! Getting ready for the big dance at Hill End...

Week 5 - Sport Selection

For those student not in IPSSO this term, please click on this link in order to select your sport for this term. Remember - for SSS (option 1) you will require full elbow, knees, wrist and head protection - and your own vehicle.


Wow. What an amazing bunch of dancers.

Please see below for some photos that would leave the judges of 'Dancing with the Stars' speechless.

Twirls, quick-steps and heel-and-toe a plenty all serve to prepare Year 5 for the big dance to be held at the Hill End excursion later this term. It's going to be an exciting night.

Many thanks to Mr Forrester for his expert leadership and insight regarding professional Australian bush dancing.

The Year 5 Teachers


Well. Here we are. A new year...and all that it brings.

Year 5 2018 is a big one, with a few changes. For devices are compulsory. Furthermore, we have a class website (here it is!) and we will be changing up Maths a little as well.

Stay tuned! This website is constantly updated with news and photos of what is happening in Year 5. Further to this, plenty of the learning we engage in is available on this site as well. Feel free to have a poke around! :)

God bless,

Mr Burns, Mr Forrester, Mrs Hall and Mrs Fredericks

(material below pertains to 2017)


Dear Parents,

We are catering for the Year 6 presentation assembly on Monday and, as such, each child is required to bring in a food item. Each class has been given a choice of items to bring in.

All food needs to be taken to the Primary Staff room upon arrival to school. Please see below for what to bring:

5F - Mr Forrester's Class (Sandwiches)

5HD - Mrs Hall's/Mrs Rowlands' Class (Pikelets/Biscuits/Scones)

5B - Mr Burns' Class (Dips/Savoury biscuits/Vegetable Sticks)

5C - Mr Coscia's Class (Cakes/Slices/Muffins)

If you are able to help with set up and the running of the morning tea following the ceremony, please either contact Mr Burns, through OR come to the Primary Office first thing Monday morning.


The Year 5 teachers.


Week 7 - Social Survey

OK OK. It's Week 7. Where are all the posts? Well...we have been busy. Apologies. Blogs are sort of a new thing to us here in Year 5. We will post some photos before the end of term! But - before then...

We are sorting classes for 2018! (Wow! Already?) And so, in order to do that, we want your opinions on YOUR positive friendships.

To that end, here is a survey for you to complete!:

TERM 4 - Week 1 and Week 2

Great to be back, and right back into it! Here we are in reporting term, and there is plenty of work still to be done! :) Here are some shots of gymnastics, and the PE activities we have been involved in.

In Science we will be looking at 'Desert Survivors' and how animals can survive in the desert. In Geography we will continue our investigations into how man influences his environment, and we will be studying 'bushfires'!

Week 9

5HD Adventures in Science

Tuesday was our Science fair! We shared plenty of our ideas for the future! :) See below for some of the fun...

5B - 'Goodbye Celebration'

Dear Parent,

On Friday the 22nd 5B will be farewelling a dear member of the class.

Accordingly we are having a small ‘goodbye celebration’.

Your child has nominated to bring in a certain plate, whether it be cake plate, a fruit plate, cups, or other.

If possible…please support them in this endeavour.

Many thanks,

Mr Burns

Week 4 - 6 William Carey

Wow! We got busy! In fact, we got so busy we didn't post for a couple of weeks! Eeek!

Anyway, we are back now, and we hope that you enjoy our new look site. Please keep checking this site for homework, any announcements, and even some learning videos (screencasts) if you need to. It can be a great place to catch up on missed work, find new work, or revise some material (at your own pace) if you like.

Use the links at the top, and try to look for Term 3 material. And remember (don't be tricked)...clicking on English or Maths is different to clicking on the drop-down menu for English or Maths. Same for History!

Plenty has been happening in Year 5. We made the top ten WordMania leaderboard. We had a 'come as your future job' dress up day. We joined in with the Mary Production...and we engaged in plenty of good-old-fashioned learning!

Please enjoy the photos below. Speak soon!

Year 5 Teachers...

Week 3 - Year 5 at William Carey

posted Aug 6, 2017, 8:31 PM by Mr. Burns

What a busy week with an amazing array of fantastic lessons. 5B and 5HD have been getting into some serious WORDMANIA, competing with schools nationally in order to make the literacy leaderboards. Get involved at home if you can! 5C has been flat out engaging in some challenging engineering feats concerning the construction of straw towers. Who can make the highest? What structures are the most supported? Why? Meanwhile 5F has been getting deeply into the Word, studying 2 Kings. Perhaps you could ask them what they have learnt about Elijah and Elisha?

Word of warning - it might involve bears!

WEEK 2 - Mary Poppins - Come Along!

posted Aug 3, 2017, 4:54 PM by Matthew Burns

Dear all,

Our Year 5 performance of Mary Poppins is on the 1st of September, 7pm.

You are expected to be there!

The good news is, there are still tickets for this show which can be purchased here:

Act now! (So you don't miss out!)


'See you there Year 5!'

WEEK 1 - 24/07 Term 3 has started with a BANG!

posted Aug 1, 2017

1) 5B is busy designing their own Australian flag.

2) 5F is busy learning about the great American 'dust bowl' and how man can change his environment.

3) 5C is getting into some 'Question, Skills and Instruction' comprehension material - developing their skills as readers.

There is plenty happening at WCCS! Stay tuned! (See below for photos.)