Year 5 2019

Term 3 - GYMNASTICS on Mondays.

So please dress appropriately. This means you should consider wearing sports uniform.

Week 2: Learning to keep in a straight line as they cart wheel and muscle strengthening activities.

Here are some photos of 5B in action. This week year 5: played a warm up game called, "Bank, water, bridge", did pencil, egg and forward rolls, crab and bear walks (these are a work out!), as well as bunny jumps and learning to do cartwheels. It's safer for them to not wear socks, but they are definitely warm during the lesson!

Making 4 litre milk cartons - volume and capacity!


Due to assembly conflicting with the homework schedule, there will be no official homework for Week 10.

That said, please make some time to read, out loud, with your parent (or child). Please spend some time discussing the text.

This is time well spent.

Many thanks,

The Year 5 Teachers.

We are looking at volume and capacity at the moment.

These mathematicians did a great job making a metre cube!!


Year 5

Teen Ranch Camp Video

Can you find yourself in it?

Week 8 - Dancing with the STARS! (Getting ready for the big bush dance at Year 5 camp.)

Week 5 - Please check out one of the activities that Year 5 is engaging in this week!

(Note: This video is unlisted! Only those with the URL can see it.)

Week 5:

I hope you like our banner change? This photo reflects all the Year 5 classes.

WEEK 4: Google Chrome

Dear Parents,

If your child has a tablet of any sort could you please ensure that the Chrome App has been downloaded to the device and the student can use it.

Safari, and Edge, seem to not be adequate in many cases. Often, a student cannot access material on the class website for example.

Chrome seems to solve this problem! :)

Many thanks,

The Year 5 Team

SPORTS SURVEY to be completed today (12/02) by students!

Week 1: Thursday

Welcome to our first technology hiccup! The first of many.

It turns out that there are two different mathletics apps to choose from. Please ensure if your child has a tablet they have downloaded the most up to date app to their device. Please see the image below. Please note the little 'cap' on the icon.

Our sincere apologies,

Mr Burns


Well. Here we are. A new year...and all that it brings.

Year 5 2019 is a big one, with a few changes. For starters ... digital devices are compulsory. Furthermore, we have a grade website (here it is!) and we will be changing up Maths a little as well.

Stay tuned! This website is constantly updated with news and photos of what is happening in Year 5. Further to this, plenty of the learning we engage in is available on this site as well. Feel free to have a poke around! :)

God bless,

Mr Burns, Mr Forrester, Miss Corderoy and Mr McCleary