Welcome to Year 6!

We look forward to teaching your child this year. Our goal with this site is to provide a window into your childs learning.

Yours in Christ’s service,

The Year 6 Team

Girls Soccer Gala

The senior girls IPSSO soccer team attended the CSSA gala day last Thursday. Here is a photo of the team. A great day was had by all!

Term 2 Begins!

Hope you have had a restful break Year 6. Welcome back to Term 2!

Some camp photos have been uploaded to the site, check them out here

End of Term

What a fantastically busy term we have had! Congratulations on making it to the end Year 6!

If you click this link you can see the photos from Teen Ranch camp.

Week 6 - Year 6 Debating

Congratulations to the Year 6 debating team on their second win. They have performed very well arguing their points of view. They have worked collaboratively and represented WCCS with pride.

Check out some photos here.

Week 6 - 6C Reading

Why not check out some of the book reviews written by 6C class members. Who knows, you might just find a book to read!

Click this link to go to the reading page.

Week 6 - Incursion

On Tuesday, Year 6 had an incursion where they learned about our environment, in particular rubbish and its effects. The students learned how litter is destroying our oceans and strategies they need to take to take care of God's creation.

Week 6 - Art Incursion

28 students from across Year 6 had a wonderful time learning from two artists how to draw and paint portraits. These portraits will be hung on the wall at Casual Powerhouse Art Museum as part of the Archibold Art Competition, where professional artists will be on display. Keep posted for dates.

See the photos here.

Week 6

There are some fortunate students in Year 6, who by volunteering their time, have a unique opportunity to receive a professional art lesson from two artists on Tuesday 6th March 2018. The artists have been involved with the Archibold Art Competition and are coming with thanks from the Casula Powerhouse Art Museum.

Stay posted for photos.

If you're finding your kids still have a lot of energy...

Week 5

Hi Year 6,

If you are not in an IPSSO team please go to the sports page and fill out your sports preferences. You can find it by clicking this link.

Week 4

This week we conducted a fantastic science experiment! We created ice cream!

Check it out, over on the science page.

Week 3

Wow, What a performance Year 6! This week we performed 'A Million Dreams' from 'The Greatest Showman' for our assembly item. We sounded fantastic!

During sport we played a great game of 'Dog and Bone'! It really got everybody fired up! Check out how it went below:


Grade Assembly Item

Year 6, here is the version of A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman we have been practising in grade time.

Hope to see you well practised and bursting with enthusiasm come tomorrow afternoon,

The Grade 6 Teachers.

Hey Year 6!

A quick post about planners. Planners are used to help you organise yourself, especially with homework and other class issues. Here is an example of excellent planner use. Great work, Yeshaya!

Week 2

As part of grade time, Year 6 will be playing a range of different board games. The games have been chosen to foster teamwork and collaboration, critical and strategic thinking, and social skills. On Friday afternoon, 6M and 6MG came together for the first session. It was loud and fun!

Week 1

We have had a great first week back here in Year 6, from adjusting to our new classes, studying history through the lens of the American Civil War, learning musical concepts with Mrs Shenouda, and even meeting our Kindergarten buddies! Phew! It has been a busy first week back, although a fun one! We are looking forward to a great year ahead!