Hodi Project

What is the Hodi Project?

It is a new relationship in the making: a long-term, school-wide service partnership between Westminster Christian Academy and Valley Light Home, an orphanage located northwest of Nairobi in Kenya. “Hodi?” means, “May I come in?” in Swahili. It is a verbal knocking on a neighbor’s door requesting permission to enter and visit. The answer is always “Karibu!”, which means “welcome.” Since knocking is not part of the Swahili culture when requesting entrance, this verbal exchange shows respect, friendship and relationship.

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Also, check out Just One Africa link for more information about Valley Light Home https://www.justoneafrica.org/ .

Want to help contribute financially to our HODI PROJECT? Donate with the link below. Currently we are raising funds to go directly to Cece Monroe for her return to Kenya.