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Hodi Project

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The Partnership

Hodi is a Swahili word that means “may I come in?” …and it is used in Kenya as verbal knocking like a request to enter a home or business. The response is Karibu- which means you are welcome to enter here. The word Hodi captures the exchange when WCA asked Valley Light for the opportunity to become friends and learn as a community about engaging in global Christian ministry through that friendship.


John and Leah Njoroge, the Kenyan founders and directors of Valley Light Home, warmly echoed our desire to partner and learn from each other about God’s faithfulness and provision. Both came to US for University, both with several degrees, Apologist and international speaker for RZIM and a teacher …..both passionate about care and advocacy for abandoned children…..3 of their own.

Since the partnership was formalized in early 2019 by our School Board, the Njoroge’s have not only shared with us about their 31 children but also about how they implement their vision to be a light for Christ in their community now and how they hope to in the future. Through all their efforts, John and Leah hope to break the cycle of destructive life patterns for the children God continues to place in their care. They are greatly encouraged that WCA is standing with them to learn over time about specific ways we can be part of their efforts to bring healing and solutions in difficult circumstances.


As a Christian school committed to growing students into servant leaders, Westminster was ready…., in September of 2018… to connect with John and Leah Njoroge, who founded Valley Light Home in 2011. Our administration …..and lead teachers at both campuses …..have seen the value in this opportunity to lead our students…..at all grade levels… through the process of establishing a cross-cultural Christian partnership. The partnership has given WCA students a way to expand their thinking…. as a peer group….. outside of our local community as they participate in learning activities, prayer and direct contacts with the Valley Light children. Students have also gotten to know the founder of Just One Africa, Amy Churchill,….who has worked with Valley Light for over 8 years. Amy is a great friend to our partnership as she models how to approach service in a distant country. She has given us first-hand experience with her work of providing clean water solutions in Valley Light’s community….and she has talked to students at both campuses about thoughtful approaches to helping …….in areas including Maai Mahiu, Kenya….. where poverty visibly impacts every aspect of life. Alyssa Knight and Maria Lyman have implemented ideas in insightful ways for the growth of the Hodi Project as they encourage all of our students to think about God’s purposes for us in His Kingdom. They have laid the groundwork for students to engage in meaningful global work…… from right here at home!

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Also, check out Just One Africa link for more information about Valley Light Home https://www.justoneafrica.org/ .