What is West Brooklyn doing to keep the community safe?

  • Teachers and students encouraged to get tested 7-10 days before start of school (9/10/2020)

  • Staggered entry into building (like a Costco)

  • Handwashing / sanitizing / temp checks at front door

  • Random checks throughout the day

  • Masks worn by all at all times

  • Bathrooms locked -- one-at-a-time

  • Cafeteria not to be used for students

  • Social distancing in classrooms

  • Lunch in classroom for Period 4 (60-min to accommodate this. Food picked up in first 15 mins of class.)

  • Up and down stairways and divided halls.

How will West Brooklyn deal with any cases of COVID-19?

Example of Response to Student Illness:

  • If a student is not feeling well or staff think a student is ill. Admin contacted.

  • Student escorted to nurse in Room 204 and stays there until determination is made.

  • Student examined by nurse. Family called for pick-up/dismissal home if so determined. Student encouraged to get tested at site by the school.

  • Teachers, students in classes of child MAY be questioned to determine extent of exposure.

  • Student may NOT return to school until they produce proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

  • If student/teacher test positive: classroom closed, teachers and students go “remote” for 14 days. If multiple students/teachers confirmed in same class, all classes they share go remote. If 2 confirmed cases not linked to one class, school goes fully remote for everyone.