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Main Office and Student Support Services



Afi Graves - (Social Studies)

Alis Anasal - (Social Studies and Special Education)

Andy Issermoyer - (Art)

Carlton Ferebee - (Social Studies)

Chaya Baras - (Science)

Corey Alexander - (Science)

Dylana Degannes- (Special Education)

Frank Esposito- (English)

Grimaldy Ortiz - (Physical Education)

Idris "OB" OBrien - (Social Studies)

Jennene Waul- (Math and Special Education)

Kevin Murphy - (English)

Megan Myrie - (Special Education)

Odny Ulysse (Math)

Rebecca Sullivan - (Science)

Shamella Jeffers- (Social Studies and Special Education)

Vince Muccioli - (Math)