Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

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Repairs/ Damage/ Insurance

Who can my child contact if he/she needs technical help with the device?

Students should take their Chromebook to the building's Media Center for technical support. During class time they will need to get permission from the classroom teacher. The Media Center Specialist will assist them with their technical problems. If there is a hardware error with the Chromebook, the Media Center Specialist will repair the Chromebook or exchange it for a spare unit until the Chromebook can be replaced.

What happens if the Chromebook is broken or damaged?

Damages to Chromebooks will be handled by the Media Center Specialist in each building. The annual insurance plan covers only the first incident per year up to $50. After the first incident, the parent/guardian is responsible for any costs incurred with repairing the Chromebook.

What does the insurance plan cover?

In order for students to take their Chromebook home, they must purchase the annual insurance plan.

The current cost of the insurance plan is $30 per year. This plan covers the first accidental damage to the Chromebook, up to $50. If there is damage in excess of $50, the parent/guardian is responsible for the remaining cost of the repair. For example, if a student breaks the screen on their Chromebook, insurance will cover the first $50 of the cost, but the parent will be responsible for the remaining cost (currently, this cost is approximately $100).

The insurance plan covers accidental damage to the Chromebook and AC adapter. If a student accidentally damages any of these, the parent may choose to use the insurance plan to cover the cost of repair/replacement.

The insurance plan does not cover the loss of a charger. If a student loses their charger, the parent/guardian is responsible for the replacement cost of the charger.

What if a student damages a Chromebook beyond repair?

If a student damages a Chromebook beyond repair, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost of a replacement Chromebook, minus the $50 insurance.

How will a parent know if accidental damage has occurred?

Once the initial damage is reported to the Media Center Specialist, a letter is sent home to the parent/guardian. If a second (or third) damage happens, a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian stating the amount owed for repairs.

Who is responsible for the cost of repairs/replacement?

Parents/legal guardians are responsible for the cost of repairs, replacement or insurance costs and deductibles. If a student loses the Chromebook, the parent/guardian is responsible for the total cost of replacement.

What is the difference between Accidental damage and Intentional damage??

Accidental damage includes, but is not limited to:


Spills (on the keyboard)

Pet damage

Intentional Damage includes, but is not limited to:

Throwing the Chromebook

Hitting/Striking the Chromebook

Removing Keys

Writing on, scratching words or pictures on, or placing stickers on

Removing factory labels, inventory tag, etc

What if there is something wrong with the Chromebook that was not the result of damage?

If there is a mechanical failure (for example: the hard drive fails), the school will be responsible for the cost of repairs. Parents/guardians will not be responsible for repairs unless damage or loss occur.

What if the Chromebook is lost or stolen?

In the event that your Chromebook should be lost or stolen, a police report must be filled out by the parent or guardian and submitted to the school office. Our school resource officer will be able to assist with filling out a police report, should it be necessary.

What if my child lends their charger to someone else and it is lost?

The simple answer to this is never lend your Chromebook or any of the accessories to any other student. Emergency charging is available in the buildings. Should you forget your charger at home, stop in the Media Center and ask for help with charging. If you lend out your Chromebook or any of the accessories that go with it, and they are lost or stolen, you are responsible for replacement costs.

Using the Chromebook

Can my child use our wireless internet at home?

Yes. Students are permitted to connect to wireless networks outside the school. If your child is having difficulty getting onto wifi, please have the student log out of the Chromebook. Before logging back into the Chromebook, have the student connect to the appropriate wifi network.

Will the internet be filtered for my child?

Yes. Wauseon Schools utilize a filter which allows us to filter internet content on the Chromebooks no matter what wireless network they are connected to.

Can my student use the Chromebook even if we don’t have internet at home?

Yes. Chromebooks allow students to use their Google Documents in offline mode. Please view the Use Your Chromebook Offline document for things you can do with a Chromebook offline.

Can students use their own personal devices instead of the school-issued Chromebook?

No. Wauseon Schools has committed a great deal of time and energy to get the Chromebooks prepared for the students. There are many software applications pre-installed for the students. Using the school-supplied Chromebook allows us to provide the same opportunity and experience with technology to all of our students. In addition, due to the fact that we provide the students with an internet connected device, students cannot access the Wauseon Schools wireless network with their personal devices.

Are there accessories that can help my student use the Chromebook?

Some students might find the use of a mouse beneficial over the use of the touch pad on the device.

Can my child personalize the device or case?

Students should not personalize the Chromebook in any way. The Chromebooks are the property of Wauseon Schools. Once the student is no longer using the Chromebook, it may be used by another student. Students should not write on, scratch into, place stickers on, or modify the Chromebook in any way.

Can the administration see what my child has been doing on his/her Chromebook?

Yes. Daily reports are generated for the administration with list any inappropriate conduct. This conduct includes searching for inappropriate terms, attempting to bypass the internet filters, using inappropriate language in email, etc.

Can the administration watch or listen to my child through the Chromebook.?

No. Wauseon Schools does not utilize any software or hardware to view or listen to students outside of school.

Will parents have access to student accounts and passwords?

Parents can access accounts through the child's username and password. Please contact your building principal with additional questions.

Can the device be shared with family for personal or other educational use?

The device is to be used for educational purposes only by the student to whom it is issued.

What happens at the end of the school year with the Chromebook?

Chromebooks will be returned prior to the end of the school year, on a date to be provided, so they can be checked for serviceability and to be stored for the summer.