Saving water in your community

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Water Saving Week is all about saving water, and to wrap up the week, on Friday 23rd March, we'll be talking about saving water in your community.

'Saving water in your community' day is sponsored by the Consumer Council for Water. Also known as the Water Watchdog, CCWater supports thousands of customers with complaints and provides free advice and support on every aspect of their water and sewerage services.

Top tip: It takes 13 litres to produce 1 litre of petrol. Using your legs/public transport when travelling around your local community will save water, energy and money.

Scroll down for downloadable, printable packs full of ideas and tips on saving water and to join Mr Splosh in his mission to use water wisely, everywhere, everyday!


Get involved!

Let us know what you are up to for #WaterSavingWeek, and share your best water saving tips! Join the #TapChat too, and find out what kind of water user you are!

For the last day of Water Saving Week 2018, we want you to make a pledge to save more water. Pick a pledge below, or make up your own and share it with friends, family, neighbours, and of course, your social media community.



Tweet, Insta, Facebook or email your best snaps of you saving water in your community using #WaterSavingWeek and #WSWphotocomp to win EcoAction games for a local community group.

The best photo will win 5 packs of the pocket-sized version, 5 small snakes & ladders games and a bingo game for their chosen community group, whether that be scouts, guides, a youth group, a religious group or any other kind of community organisation. Eco Action Games is a UK environmental social business specialising in innovative, interactive and fun educational resources and services to help facilitate eco behavioural changes in society.

Test your water saving knowledge and find which region knows the most on the Eco Action Online Tournament!

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