Waterford Public Schools

One-to-One Device Program

The goal of the one-to-one device program in Waterford is to promote the use of technology to enhance the educational program for all students and provide equitable access to technology. Waterford Public Schools is a community of learners that fosters and supports high aspirations, ensuring every student acquires the skills and knowledge necessary to be a responsible citizen, prepared to contribute and succeed in an ever-changing digital world. In Waterford, our vision for graduating students is that they will demonstrate mastery of the following Transferable Skills: Communication, Research and Understanding, Critical Thinking, Responsible Citizenship and Self-Direction. The implementation of a one-to-one device program will ensure that our students will be provided with an innovative and equitable education and be prepared to leave with the knowledge and skills to be successful in today’s digital society.

With the successful implementation of the One-to-One Device Program in Waterford Public Schools for the 2021-2022 school year, the Waterford Information Technology Department will be implementing a Student Device Protection Program beginning in November 2022.

Important Updates For the 2022-2023 School Year

  • All students will be required to use a school issued device. Students in grade 4-12 will continue to bring the devices home for school related assignments.

  • Only school issued devices will be allowed during instructional times.

  • Privately-owned technological devices may only be used during instructional times, as specifically permitted by instructional staff for a specific purpose. Students may use their privately-owned device during non instructional times, such as before and after school and study hall.

  • Waterford Public Schools Device Protection Program will be offered for all school issued Chromebooks. Participation in the Student Device Protection Program is optional. Please review the information provided below regarding the Device Protection Program. Families not enrolled will be subject to charges for replacement parts or the full cost for replacement of the Chromebook.

Device Protection Program Cost (2022-2023 SY):

If your family is approved for free/reduced meals, the insurance fee is waived.

Chromebook Protection cost: $20.00 to be paid annually. ⧫ Maximum Protection Plan cost for family living together $60.00 per year.

Payments will be made through mypaymentsplus.com beginning 2022-23 school year

Note: Students new to WPS after January 1 may choose to purchase a protection plan at $10.00 which will cover 1 claim only.

Protection Plan Coverage Details: