June 11th 2018

Our tiny Radishes, Carrots and Beetroots are starting to sprout. Also we have some courgettes doing really well. But, saving the best until last, our strawberries are looking great!!!

May 21st 2018

Take a look at some images of our garden in transition. Lots of harvesting, preparation of beds and general untidiness...

May 14th 2018

The rain has stopped and the sun has been beating down on the garden for a couple of weeks. Check out our bursting flower beds and planters...

April 30th 2018

It's raining. It's been raining for a long time :-(

So we have made today... 'Close Up Rainy Monday' :-)

April 18th 2018

5S have been out in the garden trimming some Kale (Brassica) to try their edible leaves. Did you know that kale was grown as part of the 'Dig for Victory' campaign during WW2 because it is easy to grow and full of nutrients? Yum!

April 16th 2018

Back after our Easter Break to find a blooming and booming garden!!!

March 28th 2018

Year five have been investigating asexual reproduction in plants, looking closely at bulbs, as part of their science curriculum!

March 19th 2018

The Beast from the East has made a return and sprinkled crispy white snow across the Edible Playground. We have never seen a Stag Beetle covered in snow before. Have you?

March 10th 2018

Take a look a our composting area, our giant Stag Beetle and how The Edible Playground sits perfectly next to the Church...

March 1st 2018

The Beast from the East has hit the Edible Playground. Bringing coldness and snow but... it looks amazing!!!

February 26th 2018

New 360 degree Virtual Reality images are available of our garden. Click here to see images of the greenhouse, under the netting and the garden.

February 19th 2018

We have just come back in to school after half term and the garden is looking great. Take a look...

January 29th 2018

Long time no see!! It has been a cold winter but we are starting to see our garden come to life. Take a look...

November 24th 2017

We have been tasting and voting on our favourite types of fruit and vegetables.

November 20th 2017

Thanks to Year 5 and Year 2, our first plants are in the ground and our greenhouse is looking good too!!

November 10th 2017

Year 5 have been busy getting our first plants in the ground. They have planted Brassicas (better known as Kale) in to area 5 of our garden.