How does is work?

Our Edible Playground will provide a platform for fun and engaging lessons in an outdoor environment. The Edible Playground will enhance school learning and health, including food growing, cooking and healthy eating, food education and enterprise.

Who Helped Us?

We have worked very closely with our friends at Trees for Cities (http://treesforcities.org/) to create our Edible Playground.

Since 2006, Trees for Cities has created 50 Edible Playgrounds in urban schools across five cities in the UK. Edible Playgrounds transform school grounds into vibrant, functional, productive gardens, engaging children to grow and eat fruit and vegetables and provide an outdoor learning resource for all subjects, improving health, education and wellbeing.

Where is our garden?

Our garden sits at the back our our school site nestled in between St Saviour Battersea Park Church, Chesney Street and Battersea Park Road. Use the Satellite box to get a great aerial photo of our site.

Want to contact us?

Find out more about our school at http://www.chesterton.wandsworth.sch.uk/