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The Walpole High School Social Studies curriculum is intended to prepare students for enlightened and responsible citizenship in an increasingly global society. In the three-year-required program, students discover our political, economic, and cultural roots in World and American History and find parallels in the present to situations faced by earlier generations.

Courses with varying workloads, and electives available to juniors and seniors, allow every student to acquire the knowledge, skills, and understanding for further study and effective citizenship. All students must take, and successfully complete, three years of Social Studies, which include: World History II, United States History I, and United States History II. Students are expected to complete these requirements by the conclusion of their junior year.

For those students who plan to attend four-year colleges, Economics, United States Government, Psychology, and Sociology are recommended courses which enhance academic preparation. International Relations, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics are academically rigorous courses that provide an accelerated and intensive study of those disciplines. Street Law and History and Culture Through Film are offered for those students who wish to enrich their backgrounds in preparation for further study, as well as prepare for active participation in our democratic society.

For those students ready to take on the reading and analytical challenges of college-level courses while still in high school, Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) United States History, AP United States History II, and AP European History provide students an opportunity to earn college credit. All students enrolled in AP courses must take the AP exam in May.

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(L to R) Seated - Jennifer Swain, Jamie O'Leary, Samantha Rafferty, Gillian Hogan

(L to R) Standing - Phil Balkus, Matthew Gitkind, Gordon Strick, Timothy Giblin, Steven Gibson, Matthew Kowalski, Christopher Whittenhall, Michael Donohue, (Abraham Lincoln)

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