ENGLISH and foreign languages faculty


At Waiheke High School, every student, every year, will strive to meet success.


Waiheke High School is a nurturing and enthusiastic community that inspires

lifelong learning and a sense of community for all.

English and Foreign Languages: Our Vision(s) and Values

To engage our students in the study of literature and language; building an appreciation of literature and developing the language skills required for students to be able to understand and participate in an ever-changing world; ensuring students are well equipped as ‘lifelong learners.’

To develop an appreciation and understanding of the importance of language learning and the value of understanding other cultures; helping students to develop foreign language skills, enabling them to communicate with people from other countries and cultures. Furthermore, we believe that we are, first and foremost, teachers of STUDENTS. We endeavour to address issues beyond the narrow confines of the curriculum and to embed an awareness of the global sustainability goals in our engagement with young people. Language(s) are the vehicle(s) we need to harness towards a better future for all.