Digital Citizenship for VVSD Staff

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Unit Overview: Today's students are digital natives, but that doesn't guarantee they know how to use technology in both a responsible and effective manner. In this unit, you will build your definition of digital citizenship. You will become familiar with multiple elements of digital citizenship; and how they impact your "digital self." Most importantly, you will increase your knowledge and technology skill in order to model good digital citizenship for students.

Learning Targets:

I will understand...

  • The nine elements of digital citizenship and how they govern appropriate use of technology.
  • The responsibilities I have when working in a digital environment and maintaining a safe and healthy 'digital self.'
  • Best practices for utilizing a variety of technologies and tools in the classroom and methods to create a positive digital brand.

Success Criteria:

  • I will be able to define digital citizenship and describe nine elements of being a good digital citizen as well as how they impact 'my digital self.'
  • I will have the basic technology skills and understandings to consistently practice and effectively model good digital citizenship (for the benefit of my students).
  • I can create a 'Digital Citizenship Action Plan' that will help me integrate these ideas into my instruction and help me model effective digital citizenship.

Performance Tasks and Activities (Required for PD Hours):

  • Part 1. Defining Digital Citizenship
  • Part 2. Digital Citizenship Data at Valley View
  • Part 3. Skills and Knowledge for Modeling Digital Citizenship
  • Part 4. Creating your Digital Citizenship Action Plan

Part 1: Defining Digital Citizenship

Read, Watch, Learn & Share...

  1. The slides to the right provide several definitions of digital citizenship. Scroll through them using the navigation tools on the bottom left of the slide viewer.
  2. Next visit and read about digital citizenship and the 9 elements.
  3. Finally, click the image below to visit and answer the questions:
Link to
What is Digital Citizenship?

Part 2: Digital Citizenship Data at Valley View

The following data provides a glimpse of past practices at Valley View. This data was collected via the 'Bright Bytes' survey in the fall of 2016-17 school year. To learn more about Bright Bytes, click here.

1. View the slides below.

2. Answer the reflective question on the form to the right.

Bright Bytes Survey Data 2016/17

Part 3: Skills and Knowledge for Modeling Digital Citizenship

Click on each topic below to brush up on your knowledge and increase your digital skills. Remember that by strengthening your own 'digital self' you are acting as a role model for your students and becoming even more prepared to teach them to be good digital citizens as well. (Note: Each link below creates a Google Doc 'takeaway' in your Google Drive for you to use and share as needed.)

Bonus: Check out this Digital Citizenship Learning Site: created by Google and various partners. Plenty to learn here for both staff and students alike. In addition you will find a game that students can play to learn many concepts in a fun and entertaining way.

Part 4: Creating your Digital Citizenship Action Plan

*Bonus: This is a short video segment created to help you think about critical digital citizenship items to address with students*

Wrap Up

Now that you have completed parts 1-3 of this learning module, you will create a digital citizenship action plan. The plan will consist of three items:

  • How will you address digital citizenship in your classroom?
  • How will you model digital citizenship as a VVSD staff member?
  • What next steps do you need to take in order to expand your knowledge of digital citizenship issues?

  1. Click here to begin working on your Digital Citizenship Action Plan.
  2. Click here to submit your Digital Citizenship Action Plan when finished. Note you will receive confirmation of your upload via email within 24 hours after submission. However, your ISBE form for 1 clock hour for completing this online learning module will be sent out near the end of the quarter.

"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational." - George Couros