Battle Buddies Arkansas

Anyone who has been a member of the U.S. Armed Forces knows that serving in the military creates a unique camaraderie and duty to your brothers and sisters at arms that don’t stop after you’re discharged..

Ultimately, the goal of Veterans Treatment Court is to treat the underlying condition(s) that can lead to the veteran finding themselves in the legal system. These problems include substance abuse disorders, mental health conditions including PTSD, and trauma (including traumatic brain injury). Our program partners with the VA and the courts to help our justice involved veterans successfully graduate VTC.

Our clients and mentors are diverse yet they share one thing in common: they are U.S. military veterans now working together to change lives. We have found that because the Veterans Treatment Court is such a rigorous program, the support of a fellow veteran can make the difference between success or failure during critical moments. The courts that Battle Buddies Arkansas serve have a 95% Success rate.

Whether you are a client or a mentor, we want each of you to succeed and it takes the entire team at Battle Buddies Arkansas to make that happen!