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Wellness activities at VIDA

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The VIDA Wellness program is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that is the foundation for lifelong physical activity and health. The Wellness program will focus on psychomotor skills, cognitive knowledge, and social interaction during all activities. Some of these activities will include Hockey, Basketball, Flag Football, Aquatics, Rugby, CrossFit Kids, Ultimate Frisbee, and many others. Students will also have the opportunity to learn and incorporate physical fitness and nutrition into their daily lives as well.

Aquatic PE

Aquatic Wellness will focus primarily on aquatic fitness and sports. During this class we will focus on swim stroke development and refinement, water aerobics, water polo, water volleyball, snorkeling, junior lifeguard skills and synchronized swimming. During colder weeks, we will have out of water units playing Ultimate Water Polo and other gym and field games. This class is perfect for students who love being in the water!! All levels are welcome!


This course offers CrossFit Kids approved curriculum which challenges kids with rigorous exercise in a safe and structured environment. In addition to CrossFit, students will also play team sports such as basketball, rugby, and flag football as well as flag sports and tag games. Students will also participate in design activities where they will think locally and globally about health and wellness related issues.

Sports Science

Become an expert on the sports you love through breathing, living and understanding the fascinating mathematics and science behind them. While playing sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, students will learn physics, biomechanics, geometry, and statistics from a unique vantage point making for a win-win for everyone.

Independent Study PE

This class is for high performing athletes who participate in a sport outside of school for more than 40 hours a grading period. This class takes place of regular Wellness class and allows students to leave school early twice a week for practice. The sport and coaches must qualify under specific district requirements, and the team should have opportunities that lead to state, regional and national competitions or performances. The student is required to turn in a log with practice and competition hours along with an essay at every grading period, with a culminating essay at the end of the year.

  • If interested in ISPE, or curious if your sport qualifies, please email your counselor for the paperwork and we will get it to you.
  • Student MUST be approved for ISPE before schedules are changed
  • The purpose of ISPE is to not get another class in place of Wellness, but to provide flexibility with studies & travel for highly competitive students.



Mission: To encourage and support boys of Latino descent to achieve optimal performance in education

Vision: As a result of the collaborative efforts with our partners, males of Latino descent will become contributing and participating citizens of this nation through improved educational opportunities, personal commitment and community involvement

Overview: Encuentros Leadership was organized in 2003 to address the alarmingly high school drop out rates of Latino males. Encuentros Leadership was soon after formed to address the critical educational, social and economic issues impacting the quality of education and life opportunities for Latino boys within our communities.

Course Description: In this Elective, students work to develop their leadership skills and learn more about their family history and cultural heritage. Students are challenged to consider their future and how might they reach their goals in life. This is an excellent class for students to find themselves and become more grounded individuals.