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Achievement in Product & Process Excellence

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AP2EX Background:

AP2EX stands for "Achievement in Product & Process Excellence." It was launched in 2017-18 as a pilot program and recognition. 67 students originally signed up to participate and 26 students were recognized for their achievement. AP2EX was launched in part to bridge the gap between being a “design school” that is based on the process of Design Thinking, while facing the pressures of a public audience by delivering a quality product. AP2EX is the recognition by our school of having become a true designer.

AP2EX Purpose:

The purpose of AP2EX is to recognize students who are able to effectively utilize the framework of Design Thinking and the basic elements of product design to create a physical solution to meet a real user’s needs. Students will document evidence of their work as a true designer as they prepare to leave VIDA for high school.

AP2EX Overview:

  • AP2EX is not an “Artist” award. It is a designer recognition. It is for students with all different backgrounds and interests to be able demonstrate mastery of skills for both process & product.

  • While the process of Design Thinking is integrated throughout the student experience at VIDA, depending on course selections, students may not explicitly receive specific instruction in basic product design principles to create a beautiful product (when a physical prototype is called for).

  • This is a true exemplar of Personalized Learning in the following ways:

      • Students have voice and choice in creating their own Design Challenge,

      • The Challenge can be co-created with Faculty as much or as little as needed/wanted by a student

      • Students deepen their learning through social construction with the Dimensions of Product Design, and through the entire Design Challenge experience.

      • Self-Discovery takes place in the reflective aspect for the Design Defense.

  • This is a voluntary opportunity for students to complete independently. Faculty support is available for students. Students will design for a specific user.

  • Students who successfully complete this opportunity will be recognized at the end of the year. Students will receive a specialized VIDA Kukui Shells that they are encouraged to wear as part of 8th Grade Promotion.

  • All 8th Grade students are eligible to participate.

  • The Dimensions of Product Design @ VIDA include (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS):

      1. Tools 4. Technical Skill

      2. Precision 5. Materials

      3. User Experience 6. Digital Fabrication


Quotes from Design Defenses:

“Work hard, experiment, expect mistakes.”

“It’s all about the process, not a perfect first try.”

“You don’t have to be big, to do big.”

“When I put my mind to it, I can make great change.”


“I look at opportunity, I grab it, I pull it close.”

“Maybe I don’t know what I always think I know.”

“When I put my mind to something, I know I will finish and disregard that little voice in my head that tells me otherwise.”

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