Zwift Masters

Welcome to Zwift Masters.

This is a group for riders wanting to take part in age-based racing on Zwift. There are regular leagues and rankings based on accumulated points

Anyone over 30 can take part and categories follow the UCI Masters classification. However your age MUST be verified in order to be awarded points.

Why Masters?

There's lots of w/kg based racing on Zwift so we felt it was worth doing something a bit different.

Older riders tend to race in a different way. It's still hard - the starts are fast and you'll need to go deep into the pain cave to get a good result but it generally isn't repeated frenzied attacks for the whole duration.

It also gives a very different tactical dimension and many racers say that's what they like most. It's not just about competing for an overall position - you have to look at who is in your category and whether they're in your group.

And because we run a series, usually 12-13 weeks, you'll also get to know regular competitors and develop rivalries around placings and categories.

It's multi-layered and we think it adds a lot to the fun.