Zen Dens

Placing Normalcy on Taking a Break

When you’re feeling angry, frustrated, sad or somewhere in-between, it can be difficult to self-regulate- especially for children who are still learning what coping skills are and which ones work best for them. This is where the Zen Dens come in. Zen Dens are designated spaces in your home (or in the classroom) that are designed to support self-regulation and mindfulness. Simply, Zen Dens place normalcy on needing and taking a break when you need to rest and reset. These spaces are usually semi-permanent so children can depend on its location when they need to calm their brain and body. Every Zen Den looks different, as the content of each space is dependent on the needs of each child. However, the core components of each Zen Den are the same: they are all meant to be comforting, sensory-oriented, calming and engaging.

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