Welcome to the Link's Awakening DX Randomizer! The public release is not out yet but in the mean time, enjoy the explanations of the features and things to watch out for.

Currently the ROM that can be used is v1.0 or v1.2 English, and the file must not be read-only.

v0.36 is live! Check the discord announcements for the latest updates.


[OLD] v0.21 Beta is live.

Download link: https://goo.gl/RVpVHW

For changes, please see the changes page.

Known Issues

  • Incorrect graphics - Sprite swapped with sword, some D6 and D7 chest contents
  • Enemy Damage - Moblin arrows are not mixed/ohko

Thanks to...

  • JamEviler for testing out the earlier alphas, and being awesome in general.
  • Fcoughlin for his wacky ideas in his Zelda1 Randomizer that bled into this project.
  • Spiraster for helping out with some of the technical problems, and the first to develop the select map warp to start.
  • Cravone for giving some construction criticism.
  • SpaceOtter for the Level 3+ shield and flamethrower fix.
  • JigglySaint for some ASM changes, sprite fixes.
  • All the early alpha testers that have been finding and reporting bugs on the LADX discord.