Welcome to the Link's Awakening DX Randomizer!

Try the latest version here: https://crystalsaver.github.io/Z4Randomizer/ , or see the embed site below!

If you ever get stuck or softlocked, go to the select overworld map and hold start+B to warp back to the start.

Don't forget a tracker!

This randomizer accepts v1.0 or v1.2 English ROMs.

Check the discord announcements for the latest updates on the project!


Thanks to...

  • JamEviler for testing out the earlier alphas, and being awesome in general.
  • Fcoughlin for his wacky ideas in his Zelda1 Randomizer that bled into this project.
  • Spiraster for helping out with some of the technical problems, and the first to develop the select map warp to start.
  • Cravone for giving some construction criticism.
  • SpaceOtter for the Level 3+ shield and flamethrower fix.
  • JigglySaint for some ASM changes, sprite fixes.
  • The Z4Randomizer discord for their input, ideas, and graphical sprite edits!
  • Linker and ZeroMeaning for their artistic sprite edits!
  • All the early alpha testers that have been finding and reporting bugs on the LADX discord.