Yankee Point Racing & Cruising Club


Established in 1976, the YPRCC welcomes new members for sailing and boating, socializing, and educational events amidst the beauty of Myer Creek.
We welcome sailors ~ and aspiring sailors ~ at all levels of interest and ability.

A Few Words from Our Commodore

December 2020

COMMODORE - Eddy Whichard

Dear Members:

This writing should be my last as your Commodore. I’ve been your Commodore for two years and prior to that Vice Commodore and a trustee. Working on the Board for the good of our Club has been a joy. I feel that the time I’ve spent on the Board has been worthwhile. During this period, I’ve grown closer to a number of you as our paths have crossed so many times. In addition, you’ve been there when I needed you the most – for that I’m so thankful.

As far as the Club is concerned, I wish I could say that we’re better now than when my Commodore-ship began nearly 2 years ago. However, I can’t say that. The ship of “our Club” has avoided shallow water, icebergs and giant logs in the water by having good people around me at the helm. We have kept the Club on course. Having said that, we will be facing continuing challenges during 2021.

I ask that you renew your commitment to the Club and give Win Schwab, your new Commodore, the support he will need.

And so, let me close my comments by thanking you for your support.

I wish us all the very best going forward.


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