Yankee Point Racing & Cruising Club


Established in 1976, the YPRCC welcomes new members for sailing and boating, socializing, and educational events amidst the beauty of Myer Creek.
We welcome sailors ~ and aspiring sailors ~ at all levels of interest and ability.

We are so lucky here on the Northern Neck! I'm talking about our fairly mild winter weather. Not that it can’t get pretty darn chilly, but at least it’s not like what our friends up north and out west have to deal with! Most days, we can still get outside and take advantage of the nature that surrounds us. Being able to get outdoors has been a lifesaver during this whole covid-19 mess. Finding things to do outdoors and safely connecting with friends has made all the difference.

That said, it is completely understandable that not all of us feel comfortable leaving the safety of our homes at the moment. We are all dealing with a variety of challenges and health issues. At the Club, we endeavor to follow all the guidelines and stay on top of the latest regulations. For those who feel safe in venturing out, YPRCC is open and available to serve as both an outdoor recreation area and an indoor gathering place for small groups (currently ten maximum). Please know that you are welcome and encouraged to join us if for no other reason than your mental health! And bring your masks! Let's be smart and safe, and thoughtful of others.

Last year, the lovely piece of waterfront property at Yankee Point was transformed into an outdoor entertainment area! So now, Yankee Point Yacht Club not only boasts a kayak launch (aka “flume chute”) and a brand new six-boat kayak rack, we also have bocce ball, horseshoes, and corn hole! To top it all off, we also have a fantastic bonfire pit! None of this would have been accomplished without the generosity of the Fun Committee volunteers along with all the time, talent, and donations from several of our club members.

During the past several months, it has been wonderful to see members gather around the various games, challenging one another. It’s been like watching everyone’s inner kid come out to play... and boy have we needed it! We’ve enjoyed being outdoors, visiting with good friends, and all the while following the latest CDC and Virginia guidelines. There’s always great conversation and lots of laughter. We have lots of chairs and quite a few sturdy picnic tables. When inclined, we've cooked over the open fire or used the gas grill (a second one on the property) that is now down at the games area!

Typically, weather permitting, we get together on Wednesdays in the late afternoon. We try to get started around 4:00 PM. The games are open to all members, any day - any time, but our “casually official” get together is in the middle of the week on Wednesdays. Our traditional Wednesday night Happy Hour is also going on indoors up at the Clubhouse, as usual. The gas fireplace inside the Club keeps everyone quite cozy in spite of maintaining proper social distancing. The number of indoor participants is currently limited to ten. That said, we have added an additional [virtual] Happy Hour on Thursdays at 5:00 PM through Zoom! There is no limit on how many members can join in and there's no need to wear a mask! We're thinking these "Zooms" will continue weekly at least until the weather warms up a bit. We're also looking forward to Daylight Saving Time!!! More daylight, more warmth, more game time!!!

Bring on the vaccines!!!

Just a few important things to remember while we’re bailing out of this covid situation, awaiting the availability of the vaccines:

  • Get in touch!

  • Keep in touch!

  • Reach out if you need any help!

  • Get on the phone - call or text, send an email, write a letter!

  • Get outdoors!

  • Count your blessings!

  • Laugh every chance you get!