Youth Democracy Forum

The Global Liberal Arts Alliance is joining with Deree-The American College of Greece as Education Partner for the prestigious International New York Times Athens Democracy Forum (ADF) to be held in Athens, Greece, September 16-18, 2018. The Forum will attract a broad range of participants from around the world.

The Forum’s theme, “Democracy in Danger: Solutions for a Changing World”, speaks to the mission of Liberal Arts education to prepare global citizens who can work together to solve complex problems that bring positive change to a turbulent world. Forum sessions will focus on four topics deriving from the Forum theme:

The Allure of the Illiberal - How democracy should respond to what the new autocrats are preaching; without strong institutions, democracy becomes the dictatorship of the majority.

When technology collides with citizenship - Social media, AI, robotics and other technological innovations are impacting government, business and society, for better and for worse.

What is the business of business? - Back in the 1970s, Milton Friedman wrote in The Times that "the business of business is business." Today the pressures on companies is to assume a greater responsibility to society.

Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion - The political engagement of women and minorities continues to lag in many democracies, but their participation is integral to the legitimacy and resilience of democratic institutions and processes.

Through a two-level competitive application process, 24 students from 17 countries were selected to participate in the Forum as student delegates. Working in groups of five, the student delegates will consider questions raised by the Forum’s theme from their own generational and cultural perspectives. We aspire for the student delegates to make meaningful contribution to the Forum, to communicate their thinking and experiences both to their home campuses and to the Alliance, and to present a plan of action to their home institutions for addressing a specific challenge identified at the Forum.