Youth Democracy Forum

The Global Liberal Arts Alliance is joining with Deree-The American College of Greece as Education Partner for the prestigious Athens Democracy Forum (ADF) to be held in Athens, Greece, September 28-30, 2022. The Forum is organized by the Democracy and Culture Foundation in association with The New York Times and attracts a broad range of participants from around the world. Panels and workshops will emphasize the “Do” part of the Democracy and Culture Foundation’s Think-Talk-Do impact chain.

The theme for 2022, “A Decade of Democracy: What Now?”, explores setbacks democracies have faced after what looked like good news from many corners of the world a decade ago. Forum sessions addressing this will include: A Decade of Democracy in China and Russia, Poland, Tunisia, and the United States; Rethinking Work: Life in the Metaverse; Rethinking Media: Truth Sayers and Nay Sayers; Rethinking the Planet: Climate Change and Gender Inequalities; Rethinking Capitalism: Finance’s Big Bang.

Through a two-level competitive application process, 24 students from schools in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance have been selected to participate in the Forum as student delegates. We aspire for the student delegates to make meaningful contribution to the Forum, to communicate their thinking and experiences both to their home campuses and to the Alliance, and to present a plan of action to their home institutions for addressing a specific challenge identified at the Forum.