Young Guns Rodeo Company

promoting the sport of rodeo for the future of rodeo and our youth!


Rodeo Buckle Series. We are a non-profit organization. We are here to support and promote the sport of rodeo for the future of rodeo and our youth! We offer rodeo events starting at 3 years old and going to as old as you feel comfortable competing at. We are unifying and growing youth participation in core rodeo events. We strive to provide the best member opportunities in a safe environment. We encourage education and skill development all while competing.


Signing waivers and liability forms.

Cash and card accepted


Calves Age: 5-9 $30

Steers Age: 7-13 $40

Jr Bulls Age: 14-17 $45

Open Bulls Age:18+ $75

Barrel Racing

Ages: 4-11, 12-17, 18+

Price: $40

Lead Line Barrels(must be ran on foot) Age:3-8

Price: $20

Break Away

Ages: 5-16 and 17+

Price: $40

Mutton Bustin

Ages: 3-7 or 55lbs or less

Price: $10

Buddy Barrel

Ages: All Ages

Price: $10 per contestant so $20 a team

Thank you to Rebellious Cowgirl Photography and SP Soul Photography for pictures of our rodeos, competitors and critters! If you would like to do photography at our rodeo please feel free to shoot us a email!


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Our Sponsors make these events possible!

(Sponsors will be added as acquired if you are interested in sponsoring please contact Erika @ 970-712-8293

We would like to thank everyone for a great first year in 2021! We want to express our gratitude to our sponsors, our volunteers, and also the parents of these youngins! Without all of you this couldn't happen. We are excited for the new year and the new opportunities, we have decided to change the name of the rodeo to Young Guns Rodeo Co because we are opening up our events to 18+. Our events consists of Mutton Bustin, Calves, Steers, Jr Bulls, Open Bulls, Barrels, Lead Line Barrels and Breakaway. The Rifle Rendezvous has asked us to put on our rodeo that will take place on May 14th. The events will be for ages 3-17. More info to be announced.

2022 Buckle Series will be on Saturdays Beginning May 28, 2022 thru July 30 , 2022

Finials will be Saturday August 20,2022

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