What is the call in number and when are call-in's?

The number is 970-312-9941, call-in's are on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm. 

What is the location of the rodeo?

880 20 Rd Fruita Colorado  

What events are there and the cost?

Mutton Bustin $10 3-7 or 55lbs or less, Calves $30 5-9, Steers $50 7-13, Jr Bulls $75 14-17, Open Bulls $100 18+, Barrels $40 4-11/12-17/ 18+, Lead Line Barrels(must be ran on foot) $20 3-8, Buddy Barrel $20 a team youth/youth, youth/adult, adult/adult

What is admission costs?

Adults $10

Kids, military, and seniors $5

2 years and younger and contestants are free.

1 parent free per contestant 

How can i get involved/volunteer?

Reach out to Cody(970-216-4330) or Erika(970-712-8293) via phone, facebook or email.

Is a membership required?

No membership! :)