About Us!

The Soefkers

A little about us and why we started our rodeo. We are Cody and Erika Soefker, we have four beautiful children and they are who we started the rodeo for. Cody grew up in the country with his uncle raising cattle and training horses, at a young age he began mutton bustin and as a adult he got into saddle bronc. Erika grew up in north eastern Colorado and didn't get into rodeo until she was married to Cody and they had their children. Lucas was 3 years old when he started mutton bustin and when he hit the age of 6 years old he was starting to get to big and there wasn't anything for him to move up too. Which in turn gave us the idea to start a rodeo where he could ride and grow in rodeo. We focus on teaching and supporting the future of rodeo, the next generation, be legendary!

Cody, Erika, Luke, Kash, Jax and Waylon SoefkerYour Young Guns Rodeo Co Founders