I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Program in Environmental Science at Northwestern University.

I enjoy teaching students with diverse background to explore the fantastic nature. I'm excited to share my passion, knowledge, and experience to my students to inspire, guide and help them in their path of exploring, learning and developing. Currently I am teaching Geographic Information Systems, R Data Science, Humans and the Environment, and Global Change Ecology.

My research is about Global Change Ecology. I'm interested in spatial and temporal interactions between plants and the environment. Specifically, my research focuses on the impacts from climate change on plant phenology and associated ecosystem processes. I use integrated approaches including field observation, remote sensing (ranging from time lapse cameras to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems (UAVs) and satellites) and statistical modelings to identify the mechanisms, patterns, forecasts, and consequences associated with plant phenology in temperate forest biomes.

I have developed this site to summarize my teaching portfolio and research activities. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share with me any of your comments or feedback.

Yingying Xie, PhD

Updated 09/07/2018