Workshop for Young Female Researchers in Speech Science & Technology

Sunday, 29 August 2021

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The Young Female Researchers in Speech Workshop (YFRSW) is a workshop for female-identifying undergraduate and master's students who are currently working in speech science and technology. It is designed to foster interest in research in our field in women, at the undergraduate or master's level, who have not yet committed to getting a PhD in speech science or technology areas, but who have had some research experience in their college and universities via individual or group projects.

The workshop is to be held prior to Interspeech 2021 on Sunday, 29 August 2021. The event will be completely virtual. The workshop features panel discussions with PhD students and senior researchers in the field, student poster presentations and a mentoring session. Student poster presentations should give an overview of a current or planned research project in which the student is involved, with an emphasis on promoting discussion. If needed, we will organize mentoring sessions by time zones in order to increase international accessibility.

The workshop is the fifth of its kind, after a successful inaugural event YFRSW 2016 at Interspeech 2016 in San Francisco, YFRSW 2017 at Interspeech 2017 in Stockholm, YFRSW 2018 at Interspeech 2018 in Hyderabad, and YFRSW 2019 at Interspeech 2019 in Graz, Austria. (No event was held in 2020 due to Covid-19.)

Students who are accepted to the workshop will receive a grant to pay for their student Interspeech registration (at the early-bird student rate). Due to the workshop being virtual and the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, we will only reimburse for remote participation at Interspeech this year. No travel costs will be included either.

YFRSW is recognized as an official Interspeech 2021 satellite event. YFRSW is supported by the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). We hold the status of an ISCA Supported Event. ISCA is committed to a pleasant conference experience without harassment and discrimination. Our code-of-conduct can be found here.

For information on the presentation format, workshop participants may click here.

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Best poster award

Winner: Ivy Mok (Radboud University) “Emotional Prosodic Analysis in Children’s Animation Series between English and Mandarin Chinese”

Runner-up: Noelia de la Cruz (University of Edinburgh, Papercup Technologies Ltd.) “Automatic Code-Switching in Multilingual Neural Text-to-Speech”

Organizing committee


  • Margaret Zellers (University of Kiel)

  • Helena Moniz (University of Lisbon)

  • Khiet Truong (Twente University)

  • Berrak Sisman (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

Organizing committee

  • Ella Velner (Twente University)

  • Sarah Ita Levitan (Hunter College)

  • Iona Gessinger (Saarland University)

  • Zofia Malisz (KTH)

  • Esther Klabbers (ReadSpeaker)

  • Erica Cooper (Columbia University)

Program committee

  • Jonas Beskow

  • Catarina Botelho

  • Vera Cabarrão

  • Theodora Chaspari

  • Gustav Eje Henter

  • Mahsa Elyasi

  • Kathrin Feindt

  • Joakim Gustafson

  • David House

  • Kristiina Jokinen

  • Mariana Julião

  • Taniya Mishra

  • Annamaria Pompili

  • Gabriel Skantze

  • Rubén Solera Ureña

  • Christina Tånnander

  • Francisco Teixeira

  • Isabel Trancoso

  • Petra Wagner

  • Zixiaofan Yang