ICRA18 Workshop

2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

May 25, 2018 Brisbane, Australia

Location: Room P5 (Plaza level)

Workshop: Supervised Autonomy in Surgical Robotics

Research on surgical robots has made impressive progress in the past decade, and more and more researchers are attracted to this field. While existing teleoperated robotic surgery has demonstrated commercial success and wide clinical acceptance, there are still problems. Doctors demonstrated very wide range of skills on robotic surgeries but some of them cannot fully utilize the advantages of robots; surgical robots are expensive and are not fully utilized as doctors easily wear out in teleoperated surgeries and need rest.

These problems can be addressed by supervised autonomous robotic surgeries, as surgical robots are neither emotional nor subject to fatigue, and can be more efficient and precise than humans.

The goal of this workshop is to promote the research of autonomy of supervised robotic surgeries. This workshop will provide a forum for both new researchers and experienced researcher, and more importantly, the discussion results will be supported and implemented, so this discussion will make real impact on the development of surgical robotics in a short period of time. This is benefited from an existing funding from NSF, in which the organizers work as a team to establish and improve infrastructures for surgical robot research.


Invited Speakers:

  1. Blake Hannaford, University of Washington, USA
  2. Bruno Siciliano, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
  3. Yunhui Liu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  4. Tamas Haidegger, Óbuda University, Hungary
  5. Surya P. N. Singh, The University of Queensland, Australia

Workshop Schedule:


  • 09:00 ~ 09:05 AM: Welcome and Workshop Overview

SESSION 1: Research Platforms and Research Topics

SESSION 2: Poster Session [overlapping with coffee break]

  • 10:20 ~ 11:10 AM: Poster Lighting Pitch (1 minute each), and Poster session
  • 10:30 ~ 11:00 AM: Coffee Break

SESSION 3: Research Topics

SESSION 4: Panel Discussion--Work Together as a Community

  • 12:00 ~ 12:10 AM: Discussion of the most needed support in the community
  • 12:10 ~ 12:30 PM: Discussion of how to further promote the research as a community

Call for Posters:

Workshop “Supervised Autonomy in Surgical Robotics” at ICRA18 invites submissions of posters. As supervised autonomy of robotic surgeries has great potential to further improve surgical outcomes, more and more researchers are interested in the topic. The goal of this workshop is to provide a platform to discuss existing challenges, new ideas and resources and disseminate the latest results.


Authors should submit an extended abstract (2 pages) as a PDF in the standard ICRA conference format, before the submission deadline specified below. Before the workshop, author(s) of accepted posters are required to submit a one page PPT to the organizer, and they will have 1 minute to orally introduce the poster at the workshop.

Live demos or videos are highly encouraged. Please communicate with the organizers if you need any help, for example, extra space, power or equipment for your demo.


Topics of interest include but not limited to

  • Surgical Robot Autonomy
  • Motion Planning and Control
  • Robotic Surgery safety/security
  • Open source software for medical robotics
  • Collaborative APIs
  • Novel Mechanical Design and Autonomy


Extended Abstract Deadline: April. 15, 2018

Acceptance Notification: May 1, 2018

One Minute Lighting Pitch PPT Deadline: May 10, 2018


Authors are encouraged to submit the extended abstract on the Workshop website ( by clicking the link below), which requires a google account.

You can also submit the abstract by emailing to ymli81@uw.edu, with title “ICRA18 Workshop”. A confirmation of receiving the submission will be sent within 48 hours of submission.

Feel Free to email organizers for your questions.

LIGHTING PITCHES (click to download):

  1. A Case Study of Gravity Compensation for da Vinci Robotic Manipulator: A Practical Perspective
  2. A Systematic Modelling Approach for Joint-Cable-Motor Kinematics of Coupled Tendon-Driven Surgical Instrument
  3. Comparison Study of Geometric Representation for Continuum Manipulator
  4. Decoupling Control of a Serial Redundant Robot for Tele-operated Minimally Invasive Surgery
  5. Design of a Novel Compliant Robotic Instrument for Organ Retraction by Exploiting the Buckling Principle of a Continuum Bending Beam
  6. Force-Controlled Exploration for Intelligent Robot Assistance in Minimally Invasive Surgery
  7. Robot Learns Skills from Surgeon for Subretinal Injection
  8. An Open-Source Framework for Surgical Subtask Automation
  9. Automatic Field of View Control of Laparoscopes with Soft RCM Constraints


Two journals are opened to related research works:

Please directly address your questions to the corresponding editors.

Link to the Shared Platform Project (Collaborative Robotics): https://github.com/collaborative-robotics/

Link to join the Surgical Robot Worldwide Mailing List: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/surgical-robot-worldwide/join