UCL School of Management

Data Analytics II (2017 - Present, Course leader and instrtuctor)

  • Second year core course for BS.c. Management Science students
  • Evaluation: 4.1/5 in 2017, 4.3/5 in 2018, 4.5/5 in 2019
  • Topics covered in the course: time series forecasting; regressions; tree-based models (CART, random forest abd xgboost); ensemble techniques (robust means and stacking); text analysis (Lemmatization, word cloud and sentiment analysis); cloud computing.
  • Sample case studies dicussed in class: Yahoo's acquisiton of Tumblr (predict Tumblr's monthly audience growth); Predicting Finnie Mae's loan default rates; Tweets, retweets, and entrepreneurship (download tweets from Twitter's API and predict the number of retweets based on a tweet's sentiment score).

Big Data Analytics (2018-2019, Guest lecturer)

  • Elective couse for MS.c. Finance students
  • Teach one session (3 hours) about predictive analysis using the case of our Heathrow project

Mathematical Foundations of Management III (2015 - 2017, Seminar teacher and teaching assistant)

  • Second year core course for BS.c. Management Science students

London Business School

Project Management (2014 - 2018, Workshop teacher and teaching assistant)

  • Elective course for MBA and EMBA students
  • Teach students to apply Excel, Microsoft Project and @risk to plan and track projects in workshops. Grade sutdents' managerial reports.