Hotmail sign up

How to sign up on Hotmail today? This is the single and most asked questions by the new users, are those with an intention to get involved with this iconic mail service provider. It had introduced at the time, when most of the people were not aware about email and such type of service was limited to a few people. Email services were conducted with Internet Service Providers those are taking fees for email subscription. With the induction of Hotmail, such type of restrictions was removed. An email account that has been provided by Hotmail can be easily accessed easily with the computer which is being connected with World Wide Web.

How to create a new Hotmail account

Some people still love to own a brand new Hotmail account for their daily uses. They can do that by following proper steps of account creation. Such type of process is simple.

  • The first thing is, on the sign up page, you have to fill some mandatory fields. In the first field, you have to put First name and last name.

  • The second field will ask you for desirable username. This is an important thing to get your username which will be with you as far you’ll use your Hotmail account. Your Hotmail address will be selected here.

  • The username you have chosen will be avail with the subject to availability. Sometimes, most of the usernames has been taken by others because Hotmail is being used by millions. So there is highly possible that, your desired username may not available, but it will show you some recommendations so that you can choose it quickly.

  • Next field will ask you to enter your desirable password. As there is no restriction in password, but users should emphasize of such passwords those are easy to remember but hard for others. Presently to beef up your account security, Microsoft asks you to keep alphanumeric passwords which are known as the ideal and very hard to crack by the hackers. If the password contains any special character, it will be best and hardest to crack.

  • Then you have to enter some basic information like and birthday details. These are essential and can’t be overestimated. Most of the time, when there is any security related situations come; these details will work as a rescuer to get them back. These information will effectively keep your account safe from miscellaneous threats.

Forget Hotmail Account Password?

In this process to provide you a maximum security guaranty, it will ask for an alternative email account. That means, on the off chance if you have forgotten your password, you can easily recover them by these alternative email accounts.

  1. There are mainly two steps, verification features available to get your email verified. It requires for a valid phone number and alternative email address that you have been provided before. These two processes will let the domain know that, the above field you have entered they all are correct.

  2. Plus, you would be asked to answer the questions; you have been selected from a drop-down box. Answering this question will make your account secure if in future there is attack conduct on your own account. This question is something that can be remembered for a longer period of time. This section also includes with some personal question which should be answered perfectly. A smart username or password will keep your account secure from the various threats that maximum number of people get failed to maintain that.

  3. After completing all these fields. Now time to check the terms and conditions and the captcha will visible that should be entered in the given box. Once you have completed all this process, your account creation process is over. Now you can use your account to access, seamless services by Microsoft. One thing is to keep in mind; one account will be used in various services provided by Microsoft.