www.hotmail.com Live

Hotmail is known as the first open source email service provider. It had allowed the public to access and use email service in any place in the world. Users get relief from ISP-guided mail services with the induction of Hotmail. Despite of thousands of email services available on the web, still Hotmail has a strong user base and thousands of new users are getting connected with Hotmail in daily basis. Thus, it is important to know its sign up process.

It is true that, Microsoft uses unified account that can be easily used in several of its products. Suppose in case, you have to install latest windows software on your computer or laptop, the login details are required. It can be easily used to access Skype and different products those are mainly offered by Microsoft.


Also a user can download the mobile app of the Outlook or Live domain even Skype. Such type of app will provide full access to your Hotmail account where ever you are. The utmost security features given by Microsoft that can ensure the privacy and all the protection of your Hotmail account with each time with different platforms. This is the reason now maximum people sign up to Hotmail in order to get better security and seamless service.

Hotmail sign in/Hotmail login

People, those have created a fresh www.Hotmail.com address for their own use, they should go through these steps to log in.

  1. Open your browser and type Hotmail.com in your address bar. This can be also performed through outlook.com.

  2. If you don’t want to enter your email and password remembers, there is option available by which, your site will remember them.

  3. The username is known as the vital thing and the Hotmail address to ne entered full.

  4. If you want to surpass the need of key, you can select the option to send every time by using OTP which is a onetime password comes to your registered mobile number each time.

What are the benefits to avail using Hotmail account?

Users, those are using Hotmail service, they are able to access and enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft. It is important to, Microsoft has now geared up for unified accounts to avail all its services, and you don’t need to be use different emails for different products. No matter whether you are a new user or old, but all these features are available in this one email account.

  1. Users will get completely new experience while they are login to their account. Inbox has completely rejuvenated with new features those are more user friendly and compact.

  2. While someone is accessing to its mail, inbox is completely let him access all the features and functions.

  3. The folders are visible at left side panel.

  4. This inbox comes with different tabs to define which email is for promotional and which one is from social media sites. Using these tabs, a user can easily separate the mails he gets every day.

  5. A sweeping feature also available that sweep all useless emails and through them to clutter section.

  6. It is quite easy to access the interactions made with your friends or other person from social media accounts. Social media accounts now can be easily linked with Hotmail. After linking, there will constant flow of mails will come to your inbox those are regarding all the actions you have done with your social media page.

  7. Color tagging is also another feature that will also make your email assessment pleasure while you will able to categorize your emails.

  8. Use if Microsoft office is essential for all and while you are signed in with your Hotmail account, surely there will be room to access different number of features and updates.