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If you’ve been a heavy Internet user in the last half decade or so, there’s a huge chance that you’re already using Hotmail as your primary internet provider. And it’s easy to see why: it loads fast, provides a ton of features, and integrates well with a lot of other online services.

How to sign in to or

People ask for step by step instructions to visit the Hotmail page. New users for Hotmail email login need to understand the MSN page with an entry field. The login page consists two essential phases: Hotmail login & Hotmail Sign up

Here, we provide you Hotmail basic instructions given with step by step guide to reaching their official page. First, install your favorite web browser like chrome, Bing, internet explorer, etc. to visit the site online and then follow the instructions.

  1. Enter or in to address bar.

  2. Now press the Enter button, you will go to the given web address within the address bar.

  3. You can get the Microsoft Corporation [US] within the URL bar.

  4. The official page of Hotmail login is so whenever you go this page for authentication check outlook logo on the page.

  5. Once you get your Hotmail MSN account, select the Sign in the blank field, and then enter your username or email id and in the next field enter your password to access the Outlook account.

Note: Before trying to sign-up/ sign-in, you are not sure about the official page is opened or not, read the Microsoft’s Privacy Policy. If you need any additional help, then contact the Google+ Hotmail Email login page. This page will link you with the Outlook login experts. They will guide you to get familiar with more features provided by the Live account.

What is Hotmail?- Why use Hotmail?

  • This service is a mail box where you are able to send and receive mails. A tool called Windows Live Messenger allows you to link your account to an instant messenger. So you have a programme to install and chat.

  • Windows Live Hotmail Messenger provides A-level security with the use of HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Now, if you are not familiar with HTTPS, this is basically saying that messages sent or received through Windows Live Hotmail is encrypted, thereby securing your information from unwanted listeners or hackers. For customers, your personal information is important and you should be at ease when sending and retrieving your personal content. (Wikipedia)

Why use Hotmail Sign in?

There are many major reasons for an account holder to utilize Hotmail for mailing purposes. The best facilities that Hotmail gives to its user that are handy to them. Some of those are explained below.

Free services

  • As you know it is free service to create an account with Hotmail, even the recovery process; mailing services are also free. Hotmail account is completely free wherever you might be on the planet at any time. Furthermore, it provides the best administrations compared to other email services.

  • It is simple to use and send emails is a desirable feature to the customers. Hotmail gives a stage that permits you to compose a mail with documents and files as well as reply easily. The received emails are also visible as well as excellently available.


  • Reliability is especially dependable. Here you can send and receive message instantly. Other services provided by Hotmail includes SkyDrive and Xbox live. Create an account with Hotmail; you will surely not disappoint by any means. You will have the chance to get new advance benefits which no other competitors can provide.

  • Hotmail is highly secure, and it, therefore, confirms to the users that all their messages and records are protected. They have protection features that can find the spam, and inform you earlier.

  • Hotmail can connect to various social media platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Hotmail provides its user a better experience with a user-friendly interface.

  • The clients can also use video calls as well as Skype services which are the additional features provided by Hotmail. With Skype by Hotmail, you can speak with friends, your loved ones and family members who are far from you. Video calls additionally ease communication between the account holders. All these features are not highly chargeable; they provide it with little charges.

Without a doubt, Hotmail has converted into an advanced platform. Thus, Hotmail login page is changing continuously because of these attractive and exciting features. Many users are presently picking it for better options given by Microsoft services.

Troubleshooting Hotmail Login- Recover account of hotmail

In the incident that you cannot login to your account, then you can recover it by following the given steps:

The first step of retrieving is, check you have entered correct username and password. There may be a chance to mistype, or maybe your caps lock is on. So don’t forget to turn off the caps lock.

In the case that you do not correctly remember your account details, or not able to log-in to your account, then you can recover your account details by following the process below:

  1. Firstly, select the button ‘I can’t get to my record,’ which you will find under the login field.

  2. Next, reveal the reason to Microsoft behind why you’re facing issues in log-in. Then select the right option button and click on the ‘’

  3. It will take you to recovery page. Fill your email address in the provided box and then click on the

  4. If you want to get recovery details on your phone via text message, then enter your phone number but this will only possible if you have registered your number during the sign-up process. Even you can get your recovery details on your alternate email address, too.

  5. On the following page, select where you want to get the recovery code. It will provide you two options either on an email address or mobile number. Select any one and enter the button ‘ send the code.’

  6. If you have selected email option, then open a new window and log-in to our alternate email id.

  7. Here you find a mail received from Microsoft. Open it and get your recovery code.

  8. Now go to the initial window or first window and select the ‘I have a code’ option and type the code in the designated field or paste it and click on the next button.

Now you can log-in to your account with any trouble.

In case your account was permeated by the third party, make sure to secure your information. You can do this by altering the login details immediately.

Protect your account

If you are a user of Hotmail and having outlook account, the protection must be your top priority. You can find many ways to secure your Hotmail account.

The first step is to assure that your account is secured by a secret and strong password. As a fact, longer is the passwords, more secure is your account.

Never select a password which contains common words such as common dictionary words, your name references, family members, job, mobile number or address. And never share your password with others.

Hotmail email login authentication

Another method to guarding your account is to use its two-step login authentication. It will provide an additional cover of security. You will need to enter the code sent to your alternate email address or phone number every time you want to login to your outlook account.

  1. To set up, go to option and find settings.

  2. From that go to Security settings. Its list contains the link named with ‘More security settings.’

  3. Inside, this menu finds select ‘Security and Privacy’ and afterward tap on the ‘Greater security settings

  4. Similar to other sensitive information here also you have first to verify your account.

  5. Once your account verified, go to the ‘Two Step Verification’ link and click on the ‘Set up two-stage confirmation.‘

  6. In the next page, read all necessities and then click on the next button provided in it.

  7. There will be a page showing ‘how else can we verify your identity?’ select the desired destination from the list to receive the code. It may be your phone number, application or your email address.

  8. Next, enter your details and click on the next.

In case you think the process is time-consuming, you can choose to receive your code using the app which can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play.


It’s all about the different features and service offered by Hotmail or outlook. Hopefully, you like this article. If you have any doubt - Get help with