Meet the Team

Toby Jug hosts the afternoon show and the saturday weekender

Stuart james hosts Drive between 2 and 5 pm

During the covid lockdown you can catch Him every Monday Wednesday and Friday

tune in Every Wednesday Dave mac flashes back with the Retro Chart show between 10 am and Midday

Dave Mac hosts – The Retro Chart Show. Bringing back those days where you sat by your radio on a Sunday afternoon to hear the latest hits in the UK Charts. Dave relives those years by playing the hits from the UK charts on this day in history from the 60’s to the 90’s with loads of trivia about the songs thrown in for good measure. Dave loves unearthing tracks that haven’t been played on the radio for years, so your guaranteed to hear something fresh and different every week.

Dave has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years and has worked extensively as a presenter in Scottish commercial radio for most of those years. He is a self confessed chart geek with an extensive music library of vinyl and CD’s that you can hear him play on the Retro Chart Show. He’s a handy man to have on your pub quiz team as well as there’s hardly a random fact about music he doesn’t know! The Retro Chart Show started in 2015 and can now be heard on over 30 radio stations worldwide and is particularly popular in British ex-pat hotspots across the world where people look forward to their weekly musical trip back to the UK!

Jason started his broadcasting career at the early age of 14 doing book reviews for his local station in Bournemouth. He went on to work at the BBC, before getting his big presenting break at Radio Wave in Blackpool. Since then he has DJ’d at many venues across the West Midlands including a 3 year residency at one of Birminghams largest venues The Sports Cafe.

In the mid 00's the bug of radio bit again and Jason went back to working at various stations around the UK and in the South of Spain.

About The Ultimate UK Chart

Every week The Ultimate UK Chart brings you a countdown show with a difference. Not only do we play every single song in the Top 40, we have our Sneaky Peak at 50-41 so you get a taste of what is just outside the Top 40. We bring you essential information about the artists and tracks but keep the waffle to a minimum so we bring you more of the music you love. We also now bring you the Top 10 Albums

The Ultimate UK Chart is a weekly chart show produced and presented by Jason Scott, using a percentage of Downloads, Airplay, Streaming & Physical sales on a sliding scale, and include Sunday sales which is why you get a chart that’s way ahead of any other in the UK, and information is used from sales in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Join Les Adam every Saturday night on East End Community Radio

The BIG Saturday Night Party is a show produced and presented by Les Adam. We play songs from the last 5 decades including your Top 3 songs for a Saturday night out or even Saturday night in! On the show we have the “Sing-a-long” section plus, after 10pm we have 30 minutes of non-stop hits which includes requests too!

The show is currently broadcasted on 9 stations around the world LIVE on a Saturday night for 3 hours 8-11pm (UK time).

For more information, please search on social media for: @TheBigSNP

Blast from the Past With Gary Hopkins

airing on thursday night for the time being between 6 and 8 pm

A late starter, I've been working in radio for 9 years, and have been presenting Blast From The Past since 2017 and Back to the 80's since late 2018.

I love the shows as sometimes I find some real classics that the listener hasn't heard in quite a long time and when that happens, its great to hear again and get feedback from the listener, wherever they may be.

Away from radio I work Full time in Admin, and have 4 children, who are all girls, who I love to bits.

The Soundtrack to your saturday night with Hugh Williams and Dj Nobby in the mix between 11pm and 1 am on East End Community Radio

Stuart James is on the move you can catch him live on Drive between 2 and 5 pm.

Expect Local news a delve at what is happening event wise in and around the East End Of Glasgow.

I've got your all important traffic and travel updates the midweek brainteaser and the four at four what are your hottest songs of the day let me know simply by texting the studio on 07983972586 or dropping a comment below

During the covid lockdown you can catch Stuart James every Monday Wednesday and Friday

I Love The 70's

A decade that was truly diverse in its music and fashion. From disco funk to punk and glam rock to pop, we’ll re-live the music and memories in I Love The Seventies.

Each week we’ll look put a Seventies Superstar in the musical spotlight, spin a seventies “long song” (which allows our presenter Fred Setters a few moments for a tea break!!) Finally, we round off the programme with our stunning show stopper!

Join Fred Setters Wednesday from 5 pm and Sundays from Midday

Join Simon Marshall every Friday Between 8 and 10 pm and Saturday Between 6 and 8 pm.

Simon has been broadcasting on commercial and community radio across the UK for 23 years! His career began at Chiltern FM in Bedford when he just 19.

Simon has a big passion for dance music and 4 years ago he began presenting a weekly show called ‘Weekend Anthems’ where he plays a mix of his favourite dance anthems and the best of today’s new music.

If you want some big songs to put you in a great mood then give him a listen - you won’t be disappointed!

Guaranteed to get your weekend started in style on East End Community Radio

Hi, I am Terry Harris and my passion for music goes back to my childhood when my parents bought me my first radio in the shape of a can of 7 Up. It was listening to Radio 1 and local commercial radio; it was then that my dream of becoming a radio presenter was conceived. I was drawn to wealth of creativity and different sounds from various music artists that the 80s had to offer, and became aware of the multitude of presentation styles offered by various radio hosts.

It was two years ago that my interest in radio was rekindled when one night I came coming across a 80s music show on a national network. It was from this point that I decided to take a leap of faith and take the first step in becoming a radio presenter; finding out from friends what DJ equipment I needed and teaching myself what I needed to know from YouTube to produce my own music show.

The Heart & Soul show concept was born out of my great love for Soul and love-themed chart music. I was blessed to come from a home where music played a big part in all our lives; I remember well my Mum's personal favourite being Motown. It was in marrying these two genres; the tag line 'the music to move you and groove you' was devised. If a particular song has the energy to touch your emotions or contains a groove that makes you want to get up and dance; it will feature in every week on Heart & Soul.

I look forward to the pleasure of your company every Sunday at 7pm and Tuesday between 7 and 8 pm Heart & Soul here on East End Community Radio; it is the perfect way to spend an hour and wind down after the working week.


If that isnt enough you can hear the replay every sunday between 8 am and midday

The Vinyl Master that is Dave Englefield

East End Community Radio are proud to have Rob Charles on board

The station says listeners might recognise his voice as Mike – the presenter on Peter Kay’s pretend radio station Forever FM for the TV and now radio programme Car Share.

Rob will be playing ‘Songs That Don’t Get Played on The Radio Anymore’ every Wednesday between 6 and 8 pm and repeated Saturdays between 2 and 4 pm

Love from Tony Bringing you 2 hours of the finest love songs to help you relax and unwind

Tune in to love from Tony every Sunday and tuesday between 8 and 10 pm and Tuesday Between 8 and 10 pm

I have had a passionate interest in broadcast radio since I was a young teenager.

A successful club and event DJ, I trained at industrial radio station UBN and entered broadcast radio in the late 70’s as a radio presenter for several radio stations including Ward Radio in London where I was appointed Chairman in 1979. I was responsible managerially and editorially for all on-air programming together with overseeing sound engineering, fundraising & training. I proudly remain an Honorary Chairman today.

I then went on to become a presenter at Chiltern Radio, serving Herts, Beds, Bucks, Northants and others with my 'Tony Lloyd Late Show', featuring the popular 'Midnight Magic' romantic half hour.

I was promoted to Drive Show presenter in 1990, at the same time presenting the 'Top 20 Countdown', and going on to work at the station for ten years. In addition I also broadcast on Invicta SuperGold & Severn Sound & launched SuperGold, Horizon Radio in Milton Keynes and The Hot FM.

Paul Kazam with the 80s Chart show every Monday Evening Between 8 and 10 pm

Paul’s 80’s Chart show is very popular it counts down the UK top 20 this week from 2 different years of the decade that brought us the Walkman, Mullets, Lycra, and the Rubiks Cubes.

Join Graham Clark Every Monday Thursday and Friday Between 5 and 8 pm

Born in Lanark when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

I got fascinated with Radio I’d no idea how it worked I just heard a guy talk over songs. Don’t EVER tell anyone I did the same from my bed room with a crappy tape recorder……..oh the shame. I never thought I’d end up actually doing It, although my bedroom was way nicer than some of the studio’s I ended up working in. 30 years later I’m still on air, although I get to play with the proper radio broadcast toys

3 Tunes really ??? The answer to that is likely to change every time you ask pick the 80’s era

Favourite thing about radio. It’s a very personal way to broadcast, You could have thousands of listeners but you got to make them me feel its just for them.

What do you hope to archive with EECR. Well not being sacked from this one would be nice. A local station is important. Your Voice, Your Choice sums up the station perfectly

The Chillout Zone with Dj Lazy B

Chillout Zone

It's a great way to end your day with Lush Love Songs and Chill Out Tunes with friendly banter, Requests, and interaction via The Lazy Lounge during The Sunday Show, and listeners can call or text into the Studio. This show is presented & hosted by our wonderful DJ Lazy B.

The Chill Out Zone is on air at the following times:

Sunday at 10pm - 1am

Monday 10pm - Midnight

Tuesday 10pm - Midnight

Wednesday 10pm - Midnight

Thursday 10pm - Midnight

East End community radio would like to welcome Disco Dawn to the team

Join Dawn Every Thursday Between 1 and 3 pm on East End Community Radio

Join Lee Everest every Friday evening between 10 pm and 1 am on East End Community Radio.

Join Matthew Hansen Fiona Scott and Graham Clark every Thursday from 8 pm on East End Community Radio.

James Ross presents The Greatest Hits Of Music every week, with a focus on the biggest and best songs from through the years Great songs that you remember, and some you have forgotten!

James has been broadcasting one way or another since he was a scruffy teenager. He’s been a DJ, producer, TV presenter, journalist, reporter, operations manager and distribution manager at numerous radio and TV stations in the UK and around the world. Somehow radio and TV is in his blood, and throughout his career James has had close links with many aspects of broadcasting.

Join James Every Friday Between Midday and Two pm on East End Community Radio

Hi, I’m Ian P, I was born and live near Cannock Chase in Staffordshire UK.

You can hear Ian with Disco revenge every Saturday Between 4 and 6 pm on East End Community Radio.

Apart from radio, my other hobbies include watching my favourite football team Wolverhampton Wanderers, Computer Maintenance and Collecting Vinyl,

As with most Presenters I started DJing in Pubs and Clubs opting to play all my music straight from Vinyl,

I started in radio with community radio which gave me a lot of experience, I eventually moved over to Internet radio about 4 years ago.

I am pleased to be involved with your favourite Radio Station, where you can hear my Discos Revenge Show,

It's 2 hours full of Disco, Modern Soul, Groove and Funk basically if it got you on the dance floor in the 70s and the 80s I'll be playing it.

You can get requests and dedications in via alternatively follow the show on Facebook @discosrevengeradioshow

Hi I'm Penny P from The Soul Cellar join me every Tuesday between 5 pm and Seven on East End Community Radio

Have enjoyed music of all types from a very early age.

My passion is Northern Soul, Motown Beat Ballads,

and also the the sounds of Classic Soul.

Have been presenting on radio for about 4 years now and

supported lots of live charity events.

Join Amy every Saturday between Midday and 2 pm on East End Community Radio.

Welcome to the East end community Radio Team Mark Gale.

Starting his radio career in 1989, Mark certainly has some radio years under his belt.

You can Catch Mark Monday to Friday between 7 am an Ten am for Decades Breakfast on East End Community Radio the perfect way to start the day.

Starting at his local Hospital Radio station at just 16 years old after getting the radio bug, he ventured into what would be a life long career.

Mark has worked with some of Radio and TV's biggest names including Jeremy Beadle, Mylene Klass and Jason Donovan, he also has worked on many radio stations across the UK, from SuperGold (Part of the Chiltern Radio Network) to the Pepsi Chart show.

Mark currently presents Decades Breakfast five days a week as well as holding down a job as Studio Manager at talkTV.

Mark says 'Starting out my professional career at SuperGold really gave me the bug for the oldies. There is nothing better than sitting behind the mic playing the songs you love and seeing the excitement and interaction from others who enjoy it as much as you do!'