Domaine Costa Lazaridi

15.000 sq.m. which include a model winery, destillery, underground ageing cellars and areas for the reception of visitors. It was founded in 1992 and is worth a visit. In Drama their model linear vineyard reaches today 230 hectares where they cultivate the most well known Greek and international varieties. The generous soil and the ideal microclimate give birth to the fine grapes they use for their wine and spirits.

In addition to red and white wine, the winery also produces Greek grappa, known as tsipouro, and balsamico. The balsamico is produced from selected white grapes from Drama. Their juice produces concentrated must and wine vinegar which is mixed and begin ageing.

It is possible to ask for tasting of wine if you like. And it is also possible to buy with you wine, tsipouro or balsamico. Taking the tour is really interesting, you get a lot of impressions. From the architecture to the process of making the products, and seeing the art. There is a lot of exact copies of art from different Greek museums.