Paragliding Greece Petrussa


Altitude TO: 1200 masl. Altitude landing: 200 masl.

This is the takeoff we use the most for thermal- and crosscontryflying. With the 1000 meters heightdifference from takeoff to landing, you have many options to find a thermal to connect with.

Paragliding Greece Korilovos


Altitude TO: 520 masl. Altitude landing: 130 masl.

Takeoff in both south and east direction. The place is just above the city of Drama. There are many landingoptions ( as every takeoff). In afternoon there is usually a nice seabreeze coming that is nice for afternoon-soaring.

Paragliding Greece Kefalari


Altitude TO: 600 masl. Altitude landing: 75 masl.

West takeoff direction. Easy access from a nice town right under the mountain. All flyingsites are accessible by car. You step out of the car and you are at the TO.

Paragliding Greece Pageo


Altitude TO: 1500 masl. Altitude landing: 2 masl.

When flying from Pageo, our goal is to land on the beach of Iraklitsa, relax and take a swim in the sea. It requires some thermals to get there. If you don't reach the beach there are many places for safe landings in the valley in front of TO.