Paragliding Greece Sounding GV
Paragliding Greece XCS GV


Today in GoVal the sounding and the relative humidity forecast from XC Skies looks very similar. There is much humidity in the air. At 1500 mASL there is no separation between the temperature curve and the dew point curve, in the sounding. XC Skies also say that the relative humidity in 1550 mASL will be near 100%. Higher up the air is dryer as we can see in both pictures. From before we know that we want to have at least 2 degrees separation between the curves in the sounding, at the place where they are closest to each other at the lower part. The picture in the heading is taken today at the same time as for the forecast. We can see there is low clouds, but blue higher up. We decide not to fly today. Even if the temperature curve show us that the air is very unstable, the lack of sun may give a day with few thermals, and probably not so good conditions for launching. But maybe later in the day, there will be less humidity in the air and it will be clear.