Dear Prospective Volunteer:

Watsonville Emergency Airlift Command Team (W.E.A.C.T.) needs your help. W.E.A.C.T. is an all-volunteer organization developed and supported by the City’s Municipal Airport to leverage General Aviation assets during disasters and emergencies. W.E.A.C.T. coordinates with the City of Watsonville’s emergency management procedures, Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services, surrounding airports, CERT organizations, state and national organizations. W.E.A.C.T. success is based on the expectation that in time of emergency, qualified airmen will volunteer their services and owners will volunteer their aircraft to fulfill essential missions.

We look forward to adding you to the ranks of the Team!


  • Volunteer Manager – to recruit pilots and support staff; effectively developing the staffs to ensure human resources are identified and reachable.
  • Airlift Pilots – no lengthy official approval process is required. All flights are FAR Part 91 flights. Current and Insurance requirements are similar to renting from an FBO.
  • Material Managers/Loadmaster – oversees and directs collection points for material and aircraft loading/unloading.
  • Flight Ops and Dispatch – Brief pilots on WX, routing, ATC, frequencies and coordinates with Ops Dir and Loadmaster.
  • Public Relations – serves as official voice of W.E.A.C.T.; works close with the respective Public Information Officer (PIO) for City of Watsonville
  • Photographer and Videographer – documentation for damage assessment, aerial and ground photography and archival support.


Why volunteer? What can I do? By signing up for W.E.A.C.T., in whatever role you chose, you can help us help others by responding quickly. A prompt, rapid response after an earthquake or other disaster is of the essence to alleviate the pain and suffering of victims. There is no lengthy official process required to join W.E.A.C.T. If you remember the Northern California Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 and the Southern California Northridge earthquake of 1994 to will recall that general aviation pilots were the early responders. These efforts delivered thousands of pounds of emergency supplies and provided transportation for key personnel to hard hit communities before official agencies could respond.