What is WEACT? WEACT is a Nonprofit incorporated in the State of California, IRS 501.c3 Nonprofit application is submitted.

WHY W.E.A.C.T.? A component of the Municipal Airport’s Master Plan is to significantly enhance disaster response operations through prior planning and exercises designed to integrate aviation resources fully into the overall response. W.E.A.C.T. is an all volunteer organization to provide a key resource during disasters and emergencies. W.E.A.C.T. coordinates with the City’s Emergency Management procedures, Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services, state and national organizations.

During an emergency airlift operation W.E.A.C.T. will assign priorities; allocate participating pilots, aircraft and resources to direct activities providing maximum effectiveness. W.E.A.C.T.’s goal is to provide aviation resources during emergencies in support of the Emergency Operations Command (EOC) Director at the appropriate operational and geographic area(s).

HOW DOES W.E.A.C.T. WORK? W.E.A.C.T. promptly alerts pilots and volunteers responsible for the various critical functions. All volunteers are trained on who, what, where, when and how to implement appropriate action. W.E.A.C.T. flight operations will be limited to FAA Part 91 rules and regulations.

W.E.A.C.T. activation is in cooperation with the Caltrans Division of Aeronautics, Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services (OES), City of Watsonville Emergency Services, Airport Manager Watsonville Municipal Airport, Santa Cruz American Red Cross, and Civil Air Patrol. W.E.A.C.T. is an integrated team to coordinate and expedite first response emergency relief efforts as and where needed.


  • Reconnaissance
    • Airborne damage assessment & aerial photography
    • Levee & Reservoir inspection
    • Fire or flood locations & severity
  • Transport passengers –Search and Rescue staff & animals
    • Extra medical staff –Disaster officials – Stranded infrastructure personnel
    • Individuals with urgent non-ambulance transportation needs
  • Transport light cargo
    • Medical and other supplies
    • High value light equipment