WEACT Status

  • WEACT leadership has been notified of possible need for WEACT aviation capabilities.
  • Call for volunteer status has been put out. (3/28/2019)
    • Availability: 11 airplanes (Champ to Cessna CJ2) and 8 ground staff (probably more, 3/29/2020)
  • Santa Cruz County EOC at Level 2 activation - no mission requests so far, capability inquiries have been received and answered (4/3/2020)
  • Santa Cruz County Health Services COVID-19 Website (4/6/2020)
  • Santa Cruz County continues to have low case loads and hasn't needed WEACT support as yet. (5/17/2020)
  • CalDART activity has occurred in May supporting ventilator development and a PPE delivery to Walla Walla WA. (CalDART)

WEACT DART Bay Area Disaster Exercise

WEACT and CalDART worked together to exercise procedures and communications around the Bay Area on October 26th, 2019.

CalDART briefing slides.

WEACT Preliminary Results:

  1. How it went: For us the exercise went really well. We learned a lot in terms of COMM capability and interaction with the Santa Cruz County EOC. Rosemary Anderson was with us all day and showed us the web EEOC tool that she uses and we have access to. Basically fills out all the ICS forms for us as we go. Excellent tool.
  2. Number of ground volunteers: 9
  3. Number of pilots: 6
  4. Number of flights flown: 6
  5. Number of missions flown: 7
  6. Number of passengers flown: 1
  7. Pounds of food collected (if any): none but delivered 260 pound load to Santa Cruz County Second Harvest Food Bank from San Jose.

WEACT is a California business!

Incorporated 27 March 2018, IRS 501.c.3 nonprofit applied for.

WEACT is an IRS 501.c.3 nonprofit! IRS gave WEACT that determination on May 18th, donations are tax deductable. :-)

WEACT Small Scale Exercise on 23 June was covered by both local news stations.