The Cote Research Lab is led by Professor Danielle Cote of the Materials Science & Engineering program and Chemical Engineering Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Our group is comprised of faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school interns - all working together to develop innovative solutions to real-world applications. A few core beliefs of the Lab:

  • Perform research to the highest academic and ethical standards

  • Provide open access publications and research results whenever possible

  • Build a meaningful, international collaborative network of colleagues

  • Create a welcoming, supportive climate for all group members and collaborators

The majority of our research is guided by computational thermodynamic and kinetic modeling for rapidly solidified materials. At the same time, experimentation and characterization efforts are carried out in order to validate and verify our computational modeling. Experimental methods include SEM/TEM, nanoindentation, XRD, and much more. This approach to research has enabled the development of advanced cold spray processing, metal additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, and more.

Metal Additive Manufacturing and Physical Metallurgy

We have a focus on metal alloyed powder, with the particular end goal of making it suitable for additive manufacturing applications.

Computational Materials Science and Engineering

How do traditional ICME models change when applied to rapidly solidified powders?

Metallic Materials Design and Advanced Characterization

We learn so much about a material by advanced characterization techniques, allowing us to advance the science futher by designing novel materials.

awards, publications, and exciting events

Members of the Cote Research Lab remain engaged in original research, community involvement through major materials science and engineering organizations and the like. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest developments!

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