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November 13, 2023 & December 11, 2023

 What is the GFWC Woodbridge Woman's Club?

Founded  in 1965, the GFWC Woodbridge Woman's Club (GFWCWWC) is a woman's volunteer organization.

WWC is a member of the international General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC).

GFWC is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world, with its Headquarters in Washington, DC.

The GFWC Woodbridge Woman's Club is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.  All fundraising proceeds support our approved Woodbridge Community Service Programs. Tax ID-54-1036896.

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GFWC Northern District Fall Meeting 

October 7 was a special day for the women who attended the Fall Meeting of the GFWC Virginia Northern District. The members of the Woodbridge club were especially proud of its members who had a part in presenting important information to the attendees.

First of all, the District President is one of our members, our own Club President led the Pledge of Allegiance to begin the meeting, our Vice President gave the report of the Standing Rules Committee as its chairman, our Past President was a Teller in charge of collecting and counting the attendees’ votes, and our Communications chair was asked to take photos of the District Meeting. 

The interesting topic of the two guest speakers was foster care’s importance, reward and availability.

Seven WWC members enjoyed the meeting and luncheon at Springfield Country Club. 

GFWC WWC Second Bench Dedication in Occoquan, Virginia

It was another proud day for Woodbridge Woman’s Club members on October 4 in Occoquan, Virginia.  It was special because they were dedicating a second bench donated to the City of Occoquan, established in 1804, that is famous for its historic homes, specialty stores and restaurants.  Because of their concern about protecting the environment, members collected enough plastic bags to total 500 pounds to be recycled into a charming bench.

Mayor Porta thanked the Club members and expressed his appreciation to them for providing their second bench for River Mill Park and also for the first one at the Occoquan River boat launch area.  WWC President acknowledged the mayor’s gratitude and said the Club members are happy to support Occoquan with these benches that make its parks useful for both visitors and local residents.

WWC Environment chairman Kathy McNeely plans to discuss suggestions how members could help to improve our local environment at the October General Meeting.  This type of activity could possibly be continued by participating in the activities of “Keep Prince William Beautiful” if members are in favor of this project.

GFWC WWC General Meeting September 18

President Lucy Williams led the Installation Ceremony for new members Jane Loveland and Pamela Montgomery at the Woodbridge Woman's Club September 18 General Meeting.  Their sponsors were Nan Wehmeyer and Lucy Williams, respectively. Nan and Karen Townsend shared a short biography to introduce the new members.  Welcome, Jane and Pamela!

Service pins were awarded to Marilyn Wempa (5 years), BJ Grey (15 years), Bette Shanley

(5 years), and Phyllis Zimmerman (15 years) as shown on the photo. Janis White (10 years) was not present at the meeting to receive her pin. Although absent, Ann Miller (5 years) received her pin later from her friend Bette Shanley.

Our longest serving member, Kathleen Harding, was also honored with a bouquet of flowers. She will receive her 50-year service pin in March at the Club's 59th-year celebration.  

Members also enjoyed an ice cream social after the meeting to mark the beginning of a new Club year.  The next general meeting is Monday, October 16, featuring speaker Sarah Tyndall. Her topic is Box of Basics.

A Graceful Tea Party Fit for Royalty

Elegance is the expected standard for a formal ladies’ Tea Party – and that’s what the Woodbridge Woman’s Club members experienced on August 11 at The Things I Love.  The floral decorations, professional service, special tea, pastries and delightful surprises resulted in a special event.

To add to the occasion, some members and guests enjoyed wearing colorful hats and fascinators to make this gathering special.  The “Welcome to the Garden” sign was one of the first things the ladies saw at the Manassas gift shop as they were ushered to the cozy dining section of the gift shop.  The soft green walls were decorated with colorful flowers and pictures of beautiful blooms.  This set the relaxing atmosphere where the members and their guests gathered to enjoy socializing.  While drinking from pretty China teacups and savoring specialty sandwiches and treats, they read mottos on the walls that encouraged friendship: “share your joy,” “sing your song,” and “love it well.” Each guest received a surprise gift of a silver bangle bracelet as a souvenir. 

Servings of fresh Summer Blend tea and food were brought to the tables by two young ladies wearing pretty aprons. The first servings were individual dishes of fresh seasonal fruit, garlic mushroom soup and summer corn salad. Then the highlight of the lunch arrived at each table: a beautifully arranged, tiered centerpiece featuring chicken salad triangles, cucumber sandwiches, mini barbeques, vanilla scones, pineapple rum cupcakes, sea salt caramel brownies, blueberry mousses, and shell sugar cookies. Resisting these delectable creations was a challenge in itself.

Members enjoyed the time to relax between courses by browsing the charming gift shop to consider its delightful wares that begged to be acquired. Members took photographs to remember this day and walked among the tables to chat with friends to share their thoughts of the treats served.  It was agreed the elegant Manassas Tea Party was a delightfully elegant experience, and attendees took time to thank the Club member who suggested and arranged the event.

Freaky Friday: A GFWC WWC Musical Comedy Fundraiser

The Woodbridge Woman’s Club partnered with The Little Theatre of Alexandria for a musical comedy fundraising event on June 25. The musical comedy Freaky Friday produced memories of laughter and enjoyment that lasted long after the final curtain call.

Attendees were treated to a combination of professional acting, dynamic dancing, and singing, all orchestrated by a 10-piece musical ensemble. This unique plot centered around a mother and daughter, who, by the magic of a shattered enchanted hourglass, found themselves swapping roles for a day. The decisions of their hilarious and unaccustomed journey unfolded on stage, as they navigated a series of relationship situations that led to unusual situations. These events reminded the audience of the special connections between parents and children.

The laughter and enthusiastic comments that followed the performance showed the success of the Club's choice of Freaky Friday as their fundraising project. The show appealed to both Club members and their guests, creating a very enjoyable evening that exceeded expectations.

During the intermission the President of WWC thanked all Club and theatre participants and announced the winners of the raffle baskets to the delight of two lucky winners.

In a subsequent announcement, the Club proudly reported the fundraiser not only inaugurated LTA’s 90th season but also raised nearly $2,300 from ticket sales and the proceeds of the raffle baskets for community projects. Looking ahead, WWC members have an exciting event to anticipate: the 2024 LTA fundraiser on April 15th, featuring the play "Murder on the Orient Express." The selection of this play was made through an LTA lottery that created something special to look forward to next year. Make sure to mark your calendars for this upcoming fundraising event!

Woodbridge Woman’s Club Picnic in the Park

At the Picnic in the Park on July 10 the Woodbridge Woman’s Club members found enjoyed a cool breeze and the shelter of a white tent pavilion, nestled among the shade trees. The picnic was held at the Prince William County Park in Lake Ridge, which provided the perfect setting for the members to gather and enjoy each other's company during this special event.

To ensure a hassle-free picnic lunch, Panera's boxed lunches were preordered by the members. These delicious lunches came with a variety of sandwiches, each served on special bread, eliminating the need for any members’ preparations. A bag of potato chips added a crunchy touch and a crispy chocolate chip cookie served as a delightful dessert, satisfying everyone's sweet tooth. The Woodbridge Woman's Club provided bottles of water to keep everyone refreshed.

After lunch and visiting time, the WWC president made announcements about upcoming events. Among these happenings, the Club's long-planned musical comedy fundraiser, "Freaky Friday," at the Little Theatre of Alexandria on July 25, was highlighted.  Attendees were given details about the two exciting raffle baskets to be featured during the event.

Additionally, the Tea chairperson invited members to make reservations for a Tea activity at “The Things I Love” in Manassas, scheduled for August 11 at 1:00 pm.  There was much enthusiasm for this event, promising a fun afternoon for socializing.

Tour of Prince William Animal Service Center: An Interesting Experience

On June 28, 2023, members of the Woodbridge Woman’s Club toured the remodeled Prince William Animal Service Center, an experience that left a lasting impression on attendees. A slide presentation highlighting the Center's history was delivered by Nancy Tarr, Program Coordinator, who manages the Volunteer and Fostering Programs.  Ms. Tarr explained the significant difference between the old, small facility and the new state-of-the-art 67,000 square foot facility which opened in 2022. She also mentioned the Center’s commitment to reaching out to the community regarding new and inclusive adoption policies.

It was heartening to learn of the large number of stray cats and dogs that the Center compassionately puts up for adoption each year. In 2022, over 1,100 cats, 600 dogs, and 465 other animals were adopted.  However, what was truly amazing was the inclusion of other unexpected animals, such as goats, snakes, and various wild creatures in the adoption program. The Center's website ( control) is an invaluable resource to the public, offering photos and information about the animals available for adoption. It lists hours and directions for animal enthusiasts who want to visit and meet potential companions in person.

The Prince William County Police Department’s Animal Control Bureau oversees the enforcement of animal welfare laws, conducts educational seminars, and operates the Animal Services Center. The dedicated Animal Control Officers enforce both county and state animal care and control laws. Their responsibilities include investigating complaints of animal cruelty and neglect, quarantine of animals that have bitten humans, providing 24-hour services for injured animals and other animal emergencies, conducting public education on animal laws and care during disasters, and removing stray animals from streets and public areas.

At the heart of the Center's philosophy is a belief that every animal's life is worth preserving. While they strive to save as many animals as possible, they acknowledge that euthanasia may be necessary for aggressive, unhealthy, or injured animals. Importantly, the Center does not resort to euthanizing animals due to lack of space or after a designated period of time.

After the insightful lecture, our tour was led by the knowledgeable docent and member of WWC, Karen Townsend. She was eager to present the state-of-the-art kennels and cat enclosures, revealing the modern facilities that provide comfort and care to the animals in their temporary homes.

Overall, the tour of Prince William Animal Service Center left us with gratitude for the dedicated team of individuals working daily to promote animal welfare and make a bright future for the animals in their care. It is evident there are many reasons to support their mission and share information about responsible pet adoption and animal care within our community. 


Thanks to a year's worth of fundraising efforts, the Woodbridge Woman's Club was able to provide three $1,500 grants to graduating seniors from local high schools. These grants were aimed at supporting students pursuing different paths after high school. Two grants were dedicated to students pursuing Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, while one grant was intended for a student planning to attend college.

The Woodbridge Woman's Club president, Lucy Williams, attended an awards ceremony on May 10, to present the CTE awards to two deserving recipients: Jasmine Howard and Cymone Brundage, both enrolled in the Culinary Program at Potomac High School. The recipients were pleasantly surprised and happy upon receiving the $1,500 awards. Jasmine and Cymone have exciting plans ahead as they will be attending Johnson & Wales University in North Carolina.

Another recipient of the WWC grant was Jocelyn Lizarazu, a senior at Woodbridge High School. Jocelyn discovered that she had won the academic grant during the Awards Program on May 23. She expressed her delight and surprise to President Williams upon receiving the $1,500 award. Jocelyn has decided to major in the Nursing Program at George Mason University.

The Woodbridge Woman's Club would like to extend its sincere gratitude to the corporations, 500 Club members, private donors, and all the members who supported the Club's fundraising activities. It is through their generous contributions and efforts that the Club was able to make these scholarship awards totaling $4,500 possible. Thank you all for your invaluable support!

An A+ Event

On May 10th, a special party was held at Featherstone Elementary School to honor the dedicated teachers and staff as part of National Teachers Appreciation Day. Hosted by the GFWC Woodbridge Woman's Club (WWC), this event allowed members the opportunity to express their admiration and gratitude for the exceptional efforts of the schoolteachers and staff.

The morning kicked off with a delightful breakfast spread provided by Panera Bread restaurant, with attendees savoring a variety of breakfast rolls, bagels, coffee, and tea.

The success of the celebration has left the WWC members excited about continuing this tradition in the future. They have made plans to offer a similar event next year, extending the appreciation to a different school within the community. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Woodbridge Woman's Club to various Civic Engagement programs, where they actively support education and contribute to the well-being of the community.

It was a morning filled with gratitude, admiration, and recognition for their exceptional efforts and the positive impact they have on education and the community.