WOCCI 2016 – Workshop on

Child Computer Interaction

Satellite Event of INTERSPEECH 2016,

USA, San Francisco, September 6 & 7, 2016


The 5th Workshop on Child Computer Interaction (WOCCI 2016) will be held in San Francisco on 6-7th of September, 2016. The Workshop is a satellite event of the 17th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH 2016), which will take place in the same city September 8-12, 2016. WOCCI 2016 will be held at the offices of Educational Testing Services (ETS).

This workshop aims to join researchers and practitioners from universities and industry working in all aspects of child-machine interaction including computer, robotics and multi-modal interfaces. Children are special both at the acoustic/linguistic level as well as the interaction level. The Workshop provides a unique opportunity for bringing together different research communities from cognitive science, robotics, speech processing, linguistics as well as applied areas such as medical and educational technologies. Various state-of-the-art components can be presented here as key components for the next generation of child-centered computer interaction. Technological advances are increasingly necessary in a world where education and health pose growing challenges to the core wellbeing of our societies. Noticeable examples are remedial treatments for children with or without disabilities and capabilities for providing individualized attention. The Workshop will serve as a venue for presenting recent advancements in core technologies as well as experimental systems and prototypes.

For more details please refer to WOCCI 2016 website.