- 2019 -

Note: the Bowls Club’s Fixtures might require us to change our evening or week at short notice during the playing season. Please refer frequently to the website.

Jan 15th: As Bob Kirkham was indisposed, we had an interesting evening of video and conversation.

Feb 5th: David's Quiz Night - aka 'Descent into Chaos'

March 5th: Visit to Roger’s aircraft build at his hangar & workshops

April 2nd: GASCO Safety Briefing - a presentation from Keith Thomas

May 7th: A talk by Julian Horn - 'Blenheim Escapology'

June 5th: Crossing The Atlantic with David Allen & Nigel Tooth.

July 2nd: Flixton evening visit

August 6th: Presentation from Steve R

Sept 3rd: TBA

Oct 1st: Second visit to Roger's aircraft build

Nov 5th: Fireworks from Chris H

Dec 3rd: AGM + Video

- 2020 (Provisional) -

January TBA

February The Brains' Trust Evening

March TBA

April A presentation from Keith Thomas


June Visit to the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden

July Photo competition

August TBA

September A presentation from David Allen

October A presentation from Steve de Roeck

November TBA

December AGM & Film Night