The Society

From the Chair of the society...

Welcome to the Withington Civic Society. The Society has been in existence since the 1970s and currently is very active indeed in many areas, helping to protect and enhance Withington, Ladybarn and Old Moat.

We have events throughout the year aimed at bringing Society members and the people of the area together to celebrate our heritage and the community that we share. We are also very active in decisions which affect us all in the area, engaging with local and national government, with business and commerce, and with other local organisations to the benefit of the whole community. You can get some idea of the range of our activities from our regular "News and Views" newsletter and from the pages of this website.

We are always in need of further help and support, so if you care about the community and the area and its future, please contact us.

Best wishes to all our members, supporters and readers. Roger Smith

To contact the Chair, visit the Contacts page.

Aim of the Society

The aim of Withington Civic Society is to involve the residents in protecting, regenerating and improving the amenities and environment of Old Moat, Withington and Ladybarn. Amongst our many activities, we:

  • Campaign on local issues
  • Promote the heritage and history of the area
  • Arrange educational events
  • Act as a focus for consultation with the City Council and other bodies
  • Organise events year-round to foster the sense of community in the area
  • Monitor and respond to planning applications
  • Liaise with our elected representatives in national and local government
  • Organise activities to improve the area, for example tree planting events, street cleaning and local campaigns
  • Provide quarterly newsletters to all members and those interested in our activities
  • Act as a consultative body for local businesses, voluntary organisations, the police, the City Council, etc.

The Civic Society has been instrumental in activities and achievements over many years:

  • Secured Conservation Area status for Withington Village
  • Works closely with the City Council on many issues, especially developments affecting the Withington area
  • Organises community events, such as "Christmas in Withington"
  • Acts directly to improve the environment of the area, from tree planting and maintaining planters, to local clean-ups
  • Has been effective in preserving and conserving buildings of historical value
  • Acts as a consultative body for developments in the area
  • Reviews and responds to planning applications
  • Provides a resource for Withington area history and runs history projects locally and nationally
  • Provides support for local residents' groups and local campaigns


The Society was founded in 1978. It is established for public benefit in the area of Withington, Ladybarn amd Old Moat in Manchester to:

  • Promote high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting the area;
  • Educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the area;
  • Secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in the area.

Membership is open to all who support these charitable objectives.

The Society is registered as a charity (Number 511078) and is governed by its Constitution.

The Executive Committee members, who are also the Trustees of the Charity, are responsible for the management and administration of the Society. The officers and the ordinary members of the Executive Committee are elected at each Annual General Meeting to serve for the ensuing year. Only members of the Society may stand for appointment to the Executive Committee.

A copy of the full Constitution may be had by applying to the Secretary.


Here is a map of the area normally of concern to Withington Civic Society. Developments in nearby areas of Fallowfield, Burnage, Heaton Mersey, Didsbury and Chorlton may also affect Withington.