Withington Civic Society

Welcome to Withington Civic Society

Withington is an attractive and thriving district of south Manchester, with a long history, a diverse population and a commercial centre which is a Conservation Area.

Withington Civic Society works to protect and improve the environment and amenities of Withington, Old Moat and Ladybarn. The Society was founded more than 40 years ago and has provided a focus for celebrating and conserving our heritage, and ensuring that the area continues to be an attractive place for residents and visitors.

The Society welcomes new members and new ideas. We offer an opportunity to take a positive role in building the future. If you care about the Withington area, we encourage you to support the Society and to become involved in our activities. Visit the membership page for details.

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Withington history

Withington area has a rich history going back to medieval times, with an enormous growth in the Victorian period, and a wealth of modern history. From a lost aerodrome to popular music, from famous people to ancient maps, from hidden rivers to pioneering hospitals, from magnificent parks to lost halls, from a medieval manor to a thriving modern commercial centre, this is your opportunity to explore this history.

Pictures of Withington

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