Club Rules

1) All children must have an adult supervisor present at all times. They are not to drop off young players and then leave. They are to stay and make sure young players are behaving properly. Each parent or guardian is responsible for the behavior of the children they bring to the club. THERE IS NO SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN EXCEPT THAT PROVIDED BY PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. CHILDREN WITHOUT ADEQUATE SUPERVISION OR THOSE MAKING EXCESSIVE NOISE WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. Parents with children known to behave well must still get the consent of Tom Richardson before leaving their children at the Chess Club.

2) No running. People can get hurt, and the Griffin Museum will evict us if we damage an exhibit.

3) Don't touch Griffin exhibits. Please keep your hands and feet off the white walls.

4) Don't take any Griffin items including post cards.


6) During tournaments please keep talking to a minimum while games are being played and no discussing tournament games that are in progress. During tournament games, do not distract your opponent by talking. After a game is finished reset the pieces. If a dispute arises during a tournament game, pause the clock and call over the tournament director.

7) Talking is allowed in the main hall space, but yelling is not. If people cannot play "bughouse" chess without making too much noise, we will ban it.

8) Be careful with the chess sets. Pick up any pieces that fall on the floor. When you finish a game, set the pieces up to make sure you have not lost any.

9) When playing with a clock, don't bang it, and press the clock with the same hand used to move the piece. Treat the chess clocks with care.

10) Don't crowd the tournament director when he is making pairings. Don't stand on his side of the table.

11) Don't go into the kitchen area. Don't touch anything on the main display case. Don't sit at or touch anything on the desk in the middle room.