Winchester Chess Club

John Shawcross 1941-2021

Cofounder Winchester Chess Club

Club champion 2009

Chess Friday Evenings

The club is meeting on-line at

Call and leave a message for more information.




The Winchester Chess Club is open to adults and children interested in playing chess. An annual membership fee of $20 per family is charged. The fee is waived while we are playing on-line. Money collected is used to purchase equipment and to offset the cost of awards given out at tournaments. The Griffin Museum kindly allows us to use their facilities at no charge. An additional donation to the museum is always welcome. At the end of each season the club makes a donation to the museum from remaining funds.

All children must have an adult supervisor present at all times. There is no running around, chewing gum or misbehaving allowed. Anyone who abuses these rules will be asked to leave.

Tournaments are split into two sections open and junior. The open section plays in the center and back quiet rooms while the junior section plays in the main hall space.

Normally the club meets at the

Griffin Museum of Photography

67 Shore Road

Winchester MA, USA

We are currently meeting on-line at

Community / Teams / Winchesster Chess Club

Friday evenings 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM during the school year.

Club is closed if severe weather or non chess event is scheduled at the museum. If Winchester Schools are closed for snow the club will not meet.

Call David 781 321-4515 for more information.

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