Forth Programming Language

Forth is a fascinating language , created by computer genius Charles Moore in 1968 . Win32forth is a fascinating implementation on Windows environment , created by Tom Zimmer (FPC) Andrew McKewan , and many other recognized members of Forth groups (FIG) which continue the legacy adding invaluable contributions and maintaining it.

Sometimes Forth is called a low level language, but you can make high abstract programming as well. In fact, in Forth you are encouraged to CREATE YOUR OWN LANGUAGE to resolve a task. Forth is VAST , Forth can be its own OS ! * . But Forth generates the most compact code known , even more than Assembler. Experienced implementators can create a program in no time. Beginners should start learning with patience. To master Forth you will have to forget all what you learned before, be ready to learn a totally new phylosophy of programming !

So, if all this sounds challenging enough ... why not try it right now ?

You can download the latest free version of Win32forth from : or

We have moved our development and support to this new Forth :

Other interesting links and options :

Gforth is an excellent Forth implementation on Linux:

Go to the Book sections, download Leo Brodie´s "Starting Forth" and have fun ! Peter's books collection

A more in depth description of Forth :

(* see openboot)