The Fact Finding Report has been published and has been received by the District and Both remaining bargaining units WIMEO and IESA. We have given the district ample time to respond the the report and publish the report. We expect the report to be published as soon as possible. It is important to note that when the report is published that the recommendations forwarded by the Fact Finder are in kind with a proposal that WIMEO presented to the District in whole or part over a year ago. The importance of this note is, of course, the incredible amount of time wasted in negotiating unreasonable proposals from the District. WIMEO and IESA members deserve closure in this matter and to not have to worry ant further about a fair and equitable agreement.


11/15/2018 8:30 PM- The board meeting has just ended and it is important to note the importance of member attendance. There were subtleties or moments of chance coincidence that would lead one to believe that our presence (upwards of 25 members from the three groups) is noted. Mention of labor relations and the Janus case is one of those coincidences.

The mention of WITA negotiations as the reason for adjournment to Executive Session is another. This one more poinient. Normally adjournment for private discussion is noted as a "personnel matter"

I think it is more important to note, as we begin to discuss how we will proceed, that the district made it a point to contact the teachers union, WITA, even though WIMEO and IESA have been the longest without a contract. And that WIMEO and IESA made the move to open a channel with the district after hearing that WITA/ District negotiations were re-opened.

We hope that WITA will keep the best interest of their members and the members of WIMEO and IESA in mind as this negotiation proceeds.

Wear your shirts on Friday and join us for an upcoming Board of Education meeting.

WIMEO President Norm Christ Inerviewed By Spectrum News. Click Image For Link.

WIMEO welcomes Incoming West Irondequoit Superintendent Dr. Aaron Johnson. We look forward to working with him to continue to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for students, staff and the greater community.

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